Jan 28, 2015
A coin effect created and performed by Steven Lafitte.

This in a effect I created and it is called "M.Y.N.T." which is Swedish for 'Coin', however, I also turned it into an acronym - Motherf****r You're Not Tricky.

The back story to this is that I had an idea for a coin trick which turned out to be more difficult that I had originally anticipated, I spent a solid hour figuring out the exact method I wanted to use.

What you see in the video below is the more difficult method although I eventually worked out an infinitely easier one later on after the fact.

Yet, the more complicated one seen in the performance is actually doable in front of a LIVE audience while the easier one is not, making it the least practical, and frankly making it the lesser of the two.

So anyhow, after I figured out several methods to achieve more or less the same effect I thought to myself "Hmm, that wasn't so tricky." which eventually worked itself out to Motherf****r You're Not Tricky = M.Y.N.T.

Hope you dig it.

|| Steven

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