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    Today my mom asked me to get the mail. She was waiting for me about five feet away. I quickly glanced through the pile, and saw a letter addressed with my name on it, and it was from my High School. It was my report card. I had to think on my feet. The letter was on top of the pile. I did a pass, and controlled it to the bottom. I then proceeded to execute a mercury card fold, and then palmed it away. This was all in the act of handing the stack of letters and bills to my mom. She looked through, and didn't say anything. I felt like I had just successfully performed an effect in front of my mom. This was a joke, but was based off of true events from today.
  2. why did u have to hide your report card?
    funny tho
    but also might be considered exposure. so u shoiuld fix that
  3. I didn't have to, but I told my mom that my grades were going to be perfect, but there was one or two classes that I thought I might have a D in, but turns out they were C's. :p
  4. I wouldn't say I really apply magic everyday, but it's more useless stuff I do to amuse myself at work.

    I work as a cashier and I do shuttle passes and various palms that arent' really magical, but fool people throughout the day.
  5. Sure. I manipulate business cards a lot out of habit. Also coins. Count coins on your hand to a cashier in front of them, drop them in his/her hand, and retain a high value coin, they don't notice.

    (I'm kidding)
  6. Last year in english class we had to do this project and we needed to do an oral presentation on it and we had to have at least 10 index cards. i had like 8. She came around and was having the kids count them for her. I did a false count. So i didnt get points off for less cards.
  7. Those are awesome uses of magic in every day life xD
  8. i use it to cheat on tests. ha not really.
  9. Aside from mucking around with things like false transfers and things of that nature, I generally use a lot of cold reading techniques whenever I meet someone for the first time. Not as blatant as it is normally demonstrated, but still used none the less. I also end a lot of my questions with a nod and yes.

    There are more however I cannot really think of them at the moment.
  10. I always had a fantasy of using Tattoo Joe to cheat on a test. Never actually did it though.
  11. The psychology behind audience management and reading people are things I use at work (trophy shop assistant manager) when dealing with customers to try and get them to chose either more expensive products, or if on a budget, easier to assemble products(less work same price!).

    I use a lot of regular 'salesmen' techniques both in the shop and in magic, go to a place where people work off of at least partial commission and let them try and sell you something. Pay attention to what they do and say, they've probably been to more seminars than you have magic conventions, and apply it to your magic/everyday life.

    This can also eventually get you free drinks at the bar (when you're 21, of course).

    I also like to palm coins when in conversations, passing it back and forth between hands, until the conversation is over or until the person(s) notice the coin.
  12. I occasionally fly to uni when the train is delayed.
  13. You're teaching me that on Sunday.
  14. well, sometime ago I use a TT to cheat in an exam....well not really, I did load the TT, but in the end I decided not to use it and left it in my bag. I decided to trust myself and in my knowledge...

    Is somehow like not rely in gimmicks always, but in your own skills, so I think this is how magic is applied in real life

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