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  1. Hey,

    I need so help on buying a book of tricks. I want a book that really good for beginners and can find it in a bookstore. I live in austin, texas so if there any magic shop near Austin it will help a lot. I want a really cheap book so where between 20 to25 bucks, or something that worth it.
  2. I'm pretty sure there are no magic shops in Austin... I live here too...
    as for books that you could buy at a bookstore, no idea... sorry :|
  3. Ones that you can find in bookstores......
    1. Joshua Jay's book (I dont know what it's called but I skimmed thrue it and its pretty good)
    2. Expert card technique
    3. J.B. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic
    4. Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic
    5. The Modern Con Man
    6. Magic for Dummies
    7. Complete Idiots Guide to Magic

    Books that you can find online (Most Recomended).....
    8. New Modern Coin Magic
    9. Expert at the Card Table
    10. Tarbell Course in Magic
    11. Card College Series
    12. Expert Coin Magic-David Roth (the Book)
    13. Chris Kenner's Totally Out of Control
    14. 13 Steps to Mentalism (Corinda)
    15. 5 Points in Magic
    16. Stars of Magic

    AND MANY MANY MORE.............

    I just wrote down the books i STRONGLY recomend! I hope this helps! :p
  4. looking for card trick book
  5. Texas Magic Supply is in Cedar Park Texas, just north of Austin and a very short drive. They have plenty of books there, including for beginners in coin and card magic.

    It's really a nice little magic shop.
  6. Royal Road to Card Magic is a great way for begineers.
  7. For 20-25 bucks I would say your best books for beginners are:

    1.) Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic
    2.) Joshua Jay's Course in Magic

    Both offer a wide range of very good magic for newbies and old guys.

    If you are only interested in cards then I would go with:

    1.) Royal Road to Card Magic
    2.) Card College Light
    3.) Expert at the Card Table

    I think Art of Astonishment Books and Card College Books might be a little more than 20 bucks so you may not want to get them or save up a little more money.
  8. For card magic..........
    1. expert at the card table
    2. Expert card technique
    3. Card College Series
    4. Royal Road to Card Magic
    5. Card College Light
    6. Card College Lighter

    Hope this helps!
  9. YES!!! This man is smart! I absolutely loved Joshua Jay's book. Great book, comes with a DVD, and has some great material for beginners (and beyond). Mark Wilson's teaches every genre of magic very well, but I still love Jay's book. I say that both of these are essentials and highly recommend them both.

    Hope this helps,
  10. Why Thank you.
  11. Authors

    I decided to get royal road to card magic. I did so research and there is a lot of different copies of royal road to card magic. Can anybody help me on the authors or send a picture of the best or right one. Thanks for the help

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