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  1. Hi, I am 17 years old and I am planning on audition for the magic castle in this coming September. I ave read other threads, bu I still have a few questions.
    1. When you sign up, do you have to say whether you are going to be a close -up magician or a stage magician?
    2. Whats the difference between choosing which one you are?
    3. I am thinking of doing torn and restored transpo by David Williamson and then doing a David Blaine card trick in which a spectator counts 10 cards, and then put it against their heart and it becomes 13 cards. Please let me know what you guys think of these tricks.
    Thank you (this is for the junior program by the way)
  2. I don't know much about auditioning for Magic Castle, but I understand that it'. Those tricks, while solid effects aren't going to make you stand out. I'd choose something that's going to stick in their minds more, something unique. You'll be far more memorable if you're doing something that's your own effect, or your own unique presentation. Choose stuff that feels fresh and fits with your personality, and try to make it your own. I'm fairly confident they don't want to see yet another David Blaine trick. Show them something new and exciting!
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  3. When auditioning for the likes of The Magic Castle or here down in the UK The Magic Circle, your performance needs to be unique, whether that be in performance or method. Simply doing the trick how it is instructed isn't good enough.
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  4. I agree with the something that is 'yours' not something someone else does or... something that others do, but do it in a totally unique way that you developed! What I really like is when someone does something common, like everyone else...say cups and balls....then they make the audience think they are doing the same routine as everyone else.........but then demonstrate that what the audience thinks is happening, is in fact not happening and you are doing something completely unique that fools the audience....

    When I see something like that done, I get really excited about that magician....!
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  5. So do you think I should modify my tricks or create new ones entirely?
  6. Also, I had another question. Should I worry about f the audience can see the trick. I am thinking of doing a card trick that involves 4 cards and I think it can only be seen from the close people around me. Please let me know.
  7. I have never been to or in the Magic Castle, but I have read about it and seen a few TV shows where it was shown. But, whatever you do it should be your personal 'Best' Trick! I think originality is key to getting a pass. So the answer as to what you should do it really up to what you think you can do one can help you with that! I suggest make a decision and get going, the more practice you have the better chance you have....All that I have read and seen about the MC is that they adapt well to any type of magic you prefer. After all that is all they do is magic...stop worrying and get going!
  8. Ok, First of all Congrats on having the courage to go audition!!! Sounds like it is going to be a huge stepping stone for you! I am a former junior member and current member so I have some familiarity with the process. I will attempt to answer these questions in order then add some extra advice if i can! :)

    1. Yes. They will separate you as a closeup or stage performer. Your audition will either be a stage piece, or close-up piece.

    2. Close-up, they will more than likely audition you either in the Parlour of Prestidigitation, or maybe downstairs in the cellar. It will be for a room full of either guests or the parents of the auditioning members. Close-up will be just that, your close-up act. Stage will more than likely be in the palace of mystery. You will perform on the actual stage.

    You should not audition as a stage performer unless you have an actual stage act (ie. card manipulation, illusions, dove act, etc.) Otherwise if you want to do cards, coins, cups and balls, sponge balls, etc. you should audition as a closeup act.

    3.Those tricks will do just fine, HOWEVER I would suggest you DO NOT perform them the way that the original performers did. You are not David Blaine. Create your own unique story and presentation around it and you will do just fine.

    Additional advice

    Be prepared for a Q&A segment in which they ask you some questions like: "How long have you been performing?" "What magic books do you own?" Who are your influences?" etc.

    When i auditioned they asked for your act to be between 3-5 minutes. Double check to make sure this is the case and make sure your act falls in the range they expect. A short act or act that is too long may not make it.

    Relax. If you make a mistake, it is ok. They understand you are nervous. Do your best to move forward and continue the act. If you can recover from the mistake then do so. If not, they will usually give you a free reset where you can start over again.

    It is not about the tricks you do, but your personality. If you can show them you are able to perform you will get in. Be engaging, have high energy, and be fun! They will let you in no questions asked if you can perform like that. AND BE ORIGINAL! Do not copy anther magian they will see right through that.

    If you have questions PM me. I will be happy to give yu some 1-on-1 time if you need it!

    Break a Thread!
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  9. I sent you a PM. I hope you got it. Sorry i just started on this forum
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