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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lilstunna, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. This is why I'd love to go, to get to see all the lectures ect...
  2. no no no, that's why I became a member. lol :D
  3. Haha

    (word count)
  4. May I ask, what did you perform for your audition?
  5. ya thats wat i want to know too
  6. Daniel Garcia's life, Vein from Scorpion Kit, and 1 more trick but I forgot what I did.:D
  7. wow u did all that in 5 mins. pretty cool.wats vein
  8. Is there a spelling test?
  9. I can't explain it, I have to perform it to you. Why? Cause I dont wanna ruin the miracle of the effect right now. So, if you wanna see it; then you will have to make it in the castle.;)
  10. Obviously not, if anyone on this forum has succeeded in joining.
  11. hahaha alright ill make it just for u
  12. Read my reply in this thread, NO, YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE, although think about it, a person with more experience is more likely to have had more practice and be a better performance. As for the judging, it is you performing for a room full of the other audtiontee's parents, other juniors, and judges, and you do not need to sit to perform closeup.
  13. wow auditions are in 1 day, im excited and nervous
  14. hey, you better make it. or else I won't show you the trick.
  15. haha ok are u gonna be there
  16. If you heard ppl call TD or Tricky Devil that's mean they're calling me. Or Some dude walking around and talk to ppl and introduce him self as Tricky Devil, that's me also!!!! lol.
  17. hahaha ok is that like ur nickname
  18. Yeah....I'm such a Tricky

    "We're going to hell.....and I'm driving!" :cool:
    -Chris Kenner-
  19. haha were you nervous when you auditioned
  20. Alot of people are but I'm not. I used to perform so much that's why I don't get nervous any more. But if you are, just make the environment apart of you.

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