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  1. yeah! But to be honest I like to see magic better than judges.

    maybe so some rope magic.
  2. ahh i have never really worked with ropes
  3. Yes and No, they are judge you on presentation and skillz and how well is your showmanship. The year of experience is just a variable that shows how much you are in to magic. (don't quote me on that because I'm just guessing)
  4. Ah, I'd love to join, but would have no idea which trick to perform.
  5. the audition is like in a month and i want to join but also dont know wat to perform
  6. it's easy, 5 min performance. Over 5 min = disqualify.

    Perform 1 trick that take up about 4 min, don't go over than that because I would consider that is the danger time zone.

    do something visual, hard hitting, and SIMPLE.
  7. Yeah, but one of my hard hitting tricks I enjoy performing Panic, and I cant think of a card trick which I can perform flawlessly out of the top of my head, so I'm capuzzled as to which trick I would do.
  8. do it, there's nothing wrong w/ panic. remember work on your presentation, go slow and don't rush and dont go over 5 min (wich is plentiful for panic)
  9. Yeah, I was working on a routine, it's like Queens (But with kings) then go onto panic, I've worked it all out and everything, just need to work on Queens so I can perform it flawlessly.
  10. I think the Queen is too much, a simple 4 king production will do just fine.

    and I wanna see more T11 member in the Castle, so far I only see a few. (or I could be wrong.) :rolleyes:
  11. do u kno how many applicants are usually there
  12. alot, young teens to older teens.

    13 to 18, I'm guessing the number is about 30 or more.
  13. wow. do u kno about how many out of those people get in.
  14. about 1/5 of the ppl.
  15. ok. are u a member
  16. Yes, sir! I am
  17. So, is it worthwhile? Is it great being a member?
  18. it's a personal opinion on this. If you are a serious performer and wanna be a better magician, this is a great opportunity for u, if not then don't your just wast ur money.

    "Every Great Magician out there were started just like us."
    unknown Quote.
  19. Yeah, I do it as a hobby at the moment because I'm not good enough to be a full time performer yet, so I study at College. >< But I am serious about it.
  20. Think about it, $80 for 1st time member.

    Benefit: Access to a massive library of magic (one of a kind in the world), access to lecture from top performers (Aron Fisher, etc), bring ur Girlfriend to the castle or relative or have ppl pay you to go to the castle (the castle is limited to member only, guess must have guess pass to get in or the present of the member to take them in).

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