Magic Fails

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  1. Ah yes... I had a dancing cane routine to present a singer... it was supposed to be a quick number and then I introduce the singer... I step onto the stage..the music starts.. everybody pays attention... and then I broke the thread... I got goosebumps just to remember that fail....
  2. That’s screwed up, I know people at school, people who don’t even like me, in fact they dislike me but they still don’t snitch on my methods when I’m performing.
  3. I actually have a line that addresses that in my sideshow act, or when I do the more genuinely dangerous things in my solo act. The short version is that if you want to try these things, just find someone who can teach you how to do it properly.
  4. Oh no. And wow, you recovered from that!

    *deletes the fire-eating tutorials from her Watch Later list on You Tube*
  5. In that case I can share two other famous magician’s fails. As well as share my opinion that it’s best not to admit that the trick did not go as planned if at all possible.

    Watch how AGT Winner Matt Franco recovers from his failure

    David Copperfield Plans for Failure

    OPRAH: Are you ever scared, like, for instance--I mean, I know--I mean, every--all of us who are in front of the camera or, you know, work in any business really are--survive and can look good because of all the people who work with us. But, I mean, in the case where the--the fire and the ropes, like if somebody messes up, you're a goner?
    COPPERFIELD: Yeah, I mean, human error is a really--you know, you have great precautions, you know. In the case of the car illusion I mentioned, it was the end of the show, so there's no plan B that I could go to. But normally there's a plan B and plan C and everybody is really trained to--to move in other directions, so you'll--hopefully you'll [never] know when something goes wrong.
    OPRAH: So when that car fell from the levitation, what did you do?
    COPPERFIELD: I looked real stupid
  6. Copperfield also dedicates a day a week (or month, not sure) to rehearsing the alternatives for when stuff inevitably goes wrong.
  7. No I didn´t... it was a total failure... sometimes you need some of those to realize you need backup plans and be more prepared.. that was like 8 years ago...

  8. Of course. You should not admit you messed up if you are able to recover from it. Lol but how could Helder have recovered that? The cards didn’t match at all and the effect was over. I suppose he could have devised some sort of conveluded out but my guess was he simply forgot to reset his stack between sets which is why It didn’t work.
    I agree that Franco did a good job recovering by making it seem like he “switched” the card because the audience didn’t know what was happening. But if the effect completely falls apart then what?

    another brilliant example is David Williamson. He had a young kid (maybe 4 or 5) assist him with a trick. He says “look there are 4 aces here.” And the kid says no there are 5 cards and literally rips the gimmick in half. Lol how do you recover from that? Lol all he could do was laugh and move on to another effect.
  9. I'm a fairly beginner magician, but I was trying to practice on some friends. I was about to do a trick with a si stebbins stack, and told someone to cut the cards. To my chagrin, he started to do an overhand shuffle. I didn't do a great job at hiding my shock, and so a couple people started to wonder if the deck had a prearanged order. I tried to do an impromptu trick then, but messed that one up too. Yeah, that was embarrassing.

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