Magical Music?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JackOSpadesNik, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. I could do a magic jam to about any kind of music.
    That's just the way I am though, you know.
  2. I can listen to just about anything while performing, but I love performing to Korn. Korn is my favorite band, and it's fun to sync up my actions with the music while on stage. Also, Korn has slow songs, and fast songs, so whatever type of vibe you're looking for, you can find it.

    I'm a Metal guy. Metal is my favorite type of music, so if I have to, i'll find a way to sync Metal music up with ANYTHING.

    Also, if you're doing an emotional effect like Control or maybe The Floating Rose, I like to put it with Easy Listening music. Something peaceful and elegant.

    Anthony Bass
  3. I'm gonna have to go with Fergie, Carrie Underwood, and Britney Spears. No just kidding. I made a CD that I made for magic. Philip Glass is good for magic in my opinion.
  4. What I meant by actual punk was, well, street punk/oi. So none of the bands you listed. More along the lines of The Exploited, Bolweevile, The Gories, some Choking Victim and Leftover Crack from time to time, Sex Pistols and The Business. It just annoys me when people will call the most random things punk and feel hardcore as hell about it. </musicsnobrant>
  5. W'e'll technically OI music isn't punk either. OI is a blend of different sounds ranging from raggae to ska to punk. But you could be speaking of The Dead boys, The Varukers, Dirt, Ausrotten, Naked Aggression, Bad Religion, Circle Jerks just to name a few. Im 31 and from an age of where punk was actual punk and wasn't cool to listen to. Anyways just ranting.

  6. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are pretty magical.
  7. i like a little bit of everything, but Saosin, Gym Class Heroes, but what i really like in teh way of mellow music is Vitamin String Quartet. They cover popular music but put a classical sound to it. Just think its a real style and flows really well with smooth moves
  8. i guess i'm the only guy who listens to house....:D
  9. you mean massive attack who play the theme song or the show itself?

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