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  1. Ive been looking to get a mailchimp summer deck for a long time and just recently noticed a variation of the deck. I’ve seen some with a thick gold pull tab and some with a thin gold pull tab. This makes me think T11 reprinted them at one point. I know T11 doesn’t reveal print numbers but I feel like they reprinted the deck. Or Maybe they just printed one run and had two different cellophane types. No idea. Does anyone have any information?
  2. We change pull tabs somewhat regularly. You might call this a small variant, but underneath the cello there is ZERO change. We printed a bunch of Summer Edition for MailChimp (the company), and there were a few extras. We offered those extras to Elite Members ONLY for sale. Later (a long time later), we discovered that we had a few extra tucks from our printer. They had printed the quantity we asked for, and a few more just to be safe, but only originally delivered the quantity we ordered. This matched up with extra decks sitting around at our packaging place that did not have tuck cases. We packed up the few extra decks that we found and used them as prizes and rewards. This second "batch" came from the same printing and is identical, but apparently we had changed pull tabs between batches.

    I do believe that we released the quantity sold to Elite Members on that one occasion - it was 50 only. This is only a fraction of the decks printed in total, which we have not released. The second batch that we used for prizes amounts to only a few hundred units. Again, this is only a fraction of the total print, most of which went to MailChimp.

    // L
  3. Interesting. Thanks for clearing that up Lyle :)

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