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  1. I have created a routine using a gimmicked sharpie I'm sure many of you have seen or used before. I don't think it is sold at theory 11, but it has the normal sharpie logo printed on one side and a six clubs card reveal printed on the other. I normally do a routine that uses the sharpie towards the end of my act, so various spectators have already handled the sharpie and signed cards from other tricks with it. No one has ever noticed anything unusual about it because unless someone is trying to spot it, it is a very subtle difference from a normal sharpie. I perform my routine which involves changing the regular logo of the sharpie into the reveal which matches the card I have already forced them (the six of clubs). This almost always gets great reactions. However, sometimes spectators want to see the sharpie after I perform the trick. Obviously I can't end clean and hand them the sharpie unless I do a switch. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to avoid doing a switch and having to carry around two sharpies?
  2. Every routine that I have seen use that gimmick ends up with the performer handing out the gimmicked sharpie. Is there a reason as to why you don't want to hand out the gimmicked sharpie? To me that seems like running when you're not being chased. The change of the logo IS the effect, why switch it back before handing out?
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  3. I've never thought about it that way. I might try that approach. My only concern is that if I hand the sharpie out and it has the regular logo on one side and the gimmicked logo on the other side, there is a possibility the spectator might reverse engineer the effect?
  4. Before you became a magician, would you have been able to reverse engineer the effect?
  5. This doesn't help you with the multiple Sharpie problem but Richard Saunders has a version of the trick where two cards appear on one Sharpie. This leaves the spectator with a totally examinable Sharpie.
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  6. Thank you, I'll look into that
  7. I don't know, before I became a magician I never saw the effect performed live, so I was never given the chance to examine the sharpie afterwards and think about how the effect was done.
  8. If you're still wanting to do a switch for whatever reason, the large majority of what I have seen specifically with sharpies are sleeving, topit work, lapping, pocket ditching, and retraction devices. Or, do something really dorky like just put the marker in your pocket and if they ask to see it, pull out the normal one. I hate to say it, but it works a majority of the time. It's only the real smart alecks that try to get inside your pocket to see if there's anything else.
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  9. What Mark B. said above is very true. Everyone has seen a sharpie and know that it says sharpie on both sides. I've always taken advantage of this fact, and hand them the gimmicked sharpie saying, "Go ahead and put your signature or any mark just to make the card unique. I've actually got a sharpie here you can use." It may seem bold, but I've never had anyone investigate the sharpie. It also adds another layer of mystery because they can say, "I held the pen in my hands!"
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