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  1. Why do u guyz learn to flourish ... ? I am more of a card magic guy and have a few flourish that also servers as false cuts when i perform. After i learn a new card effect, i go out and perform. After u guyz learn a new flourish, what do you do with it ?
  2. I think flourishing can be used in street performance just as much as magic, juggling, or... whatever. I've seen it play out VERY well in a performance piece rather than just some lonely person doing it in front of the camera. haha.
  3. sure would like more cardistry people inputs... but me (not into cardistry) I do not honestly know how it can apply to a performance, ok so the only way I see it, your doing a magic trick and suddenly you poof out a sybil, the audience are gonna seem suspicious I mean you just handled a deck 100000 different ways theres no mystery of why the card is on the top, but if you would of used a pass that would of cleared the suspicion, what I am trying to say you can flourish infront of someone and you will get some wooowwwsss, but never flourish with magic thats my opinion, it confuses the spectator.
  4. Why do I learn to flourish?? Because I enjoy it, it's that simple. Is there any real point to it, not really. For me that's part of the attraction.
  5. I think for most of it, it's acquired from card magic.

    We learn a few false shuffles and practice those, we learn the Sybil and from there it just builds.

    It's just juggling pretty much, nothing magical, but it does show dexterity and attracts laymen for the introverted performers ie Most magicians.
  6. Before I was seriously into magic, I saw a guy perform card to mouth, holding the deck with his mouth whilst pulling up his sleeves, then flourishing until I'd forgot he had the deck in the mouth.
    Nice stuff.
    But again, that's flourishing while doing magic, this was perhaps as flourishing as a standalone act?
  7. because

    don't judge me
  8. Ha, Exactly, I learned it because it looked like something I would really like. Corrrectly used it can be a huge asset in magic.
  9. When I first got interested in card magic I was looking for some false shuffles and somehow I found a video he built the deck into about 6 packets one of his chin and starting twisting the packets, I had no idea what he was doing it went for about a minute, he closed the packet and spread the deck out everything was 100% in order and I was amazed, by then I had been doing card magic for about a month and learnt a simple 3 packet false and used it in routines after that I learnt another 3 packet which was harder and from than you just find cool video's.

    I got hooked, flourishing is fun.

    I found when I learnt a magic trick I liked it.

    But the accomplishment of learning a flourish is great, for example a sybil, you start practicing the sybil for hours, until you have it perfect.

    The result when you see the sybil in the mirror the feeling is so great, I never had that with card magic.

    I purchased kevin ho's book and learnt Punk'd which made me feel really excited about that, other than that flourishing always make me smile when i learn a new one.
  10. Well I do two main types of magic : Close-up and gambling demonstrations.

    In close-up, I want the spectator to think that the only possible way I did the tricks is by magic, so I don't use cardistry inside.

    As for gambling demonstrations, I focus on my skills instead, so thats why I learnt cardistry.
    So after a false shuffle I'll do something like "Lets give this cards a quick simple cut" *Does a flashy false cut
  11. Same reason why people learn to juggle, mime, or perform at the circus.

    It's something that not many people can do and it surely catches the attention of the human eye.

    It's something that we can all perform with. Just my two cents.
  12. I think it can add to a performance and it helps show your skills... Not to mention it does look amazing when watching it... it is impressive to people...
  13. And just like I would not juggle in the middle of a magic set, I wouldn't do flourishes aside from the popular, basic ones (fans, spreads, springs, poker shuffle, maybe a one handed cut). Just too suspicious that something else might be going on with the deck.
  14. well

    flourishing is a performance in itself, I find that learning some flourishes creates new handlings of effect's that you might already do within card magic. I've learned to create a version of the G.O.A.T change in a thumb fan, and you know what... it looks fricken sweet:) don't diminish flourishes from your repetoire, they'll help with card magic sleights.
  15. It depends what flourish your doing... If you do a charlier cut before a trick it shows you have skill... You don't need to go into some huge flourish... Just something little to draw peoples attention...
  16. i do it for fun... its like playing video games its fun no real purpose unless you mix it with your magic. but by the end of the day its fun. and next time use the search function
  17. I try to use them to catch someones eye. They may want to see more or you can go in to a trick.

    I also see "Card flourishes" as a magic "Solitar". Some thing you can pass the time with and again if it catches someones eye even better.
  18. Well, base on MY opinion, most people know that magic isnt real(of course the lays ain't dumb).
    They know that you've just accomplished the trick with somehow in a special way.
    I've no idea everytime when i do a riffle force they will say my hands are fast. So instead, i'll use flourish to show them how good i am in cards. Thats the reason i flourish, plus, i love the way cardistry define speed and physics.:D
  19. Read Darwin Ortiz's Strong Magic to understand why that logic is faulty.

    Magic isn't real, but it can still defeat that intellectual knowledge with emotional appeal.
  20. There are a lot of reasons, when I first started magic, I learned them to impress my friends or because I thought they were cool. But it does much more than that, it leaves an impression. If you do something really amazing while doing a trick without calling attention to it, it sort of leaves the impression that you really know what you're doing. That you're not just making this stuff up, even if you're doing a trick 100% on improv, the flourishes provide a sort of stability, if you will. It also impresses who you're performing for and it could leave a reputation. Even if you do all these flourishes for your self and never really show people them, its a great feeling of pride. When I do a syble cut I feel amazing, and when i just jokingly go for an anaconda but it turns out it came out really great, I honestly just feel awesome. If you don't feel you need them then thats totally cool. But I have one request for you, just take a chance, learn a cool flourish and put it in a routine, and see how people take it! :D

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