Mechanic Bottom Deal troubleshooting

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  1. I'm learning the Bottom Deal from Daniel Madison's Mechanic dvd.

    You have to keep in mind I've never learned a false deal or how to deal cards in the first place.

    When my ring and pinky fingers come over and straighten back out to pull the card out from under the deck, they just slide off without pulling the card.
    I've yet to successfully deal the Bottom card once in about two hours of practice.
    No matter how much or how little pressure I use with my ring and pinky, and no matter how much or how little pressure I hold the deck between my middle and thumb with, the card won't budge.

    Interestingly enough, a lot of the time I seem to be able to deal the entire deck out of the center while the top and bottom cards stay in place, I'm not sure what that means for me.

    Any help from people experienced with the Bottom Deal is greatly appreciated.
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  2. The best tip I can give you is to move the middle finger a bit to the right. And dont put it at the top of the deck. You need to place the middle finger at the center just as daniel shows you but at the same time to the right just enough that the right edge of the card is free from the pressure caused by the middle finger.
    If you have anymore problems simply private message me and I will help you as best as I can.
  3. This actually helped me a lot! I knew there was too much contact going on, but I didn't think to move my fingers to the side. I've actually been able to bang out about 6 Bottoms this morning and can now move into learning Seconds and Greeks so I can practice them all together.

    Again, thank you so much! ♤
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  4. Dont mention it.

  5. Six bottom deals in one day?! You're a madman.

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  6. Look at how Daniel Madison holds the cards himself. I had a very similar problem when learning the Bottom Deal from his book as well and couldn't deal a Bottom for about 2 weeks.
    The grip Mr. Madison describes is in essence the Erdnase Grip for Dealing (at least in the book, but I assume it is similar on the DVD). That's a pretty uncomfortable grip and doesn't work for everybody, especially people with small hands. But in his book Mr. Madison tells you to find the grip that suits you. If you look closely, he himself doesn't even use it; he uses more of a variation MR_Arpy already described. The grip he describes is more of an ideal, guidelines you can use to find the grip that suits your hands. This is true for a lot of things in the book/DVD, you have to find your style of doing the sleights, while using his descriptions as an orientation.
    In all honesty: I'm actually not a huge fan of Mr. Madison's Bottom Deal. It is good, yes, but it requires some enormous finger motion of fingers 3 + 4. Though you can use a very similar Bottom Deal, try and minimize the finger movement from your left hand.
    For further guide to the Bottom Deal I can recommend Mr. England's work, which you can find here on Theory11. It has helped me a great deal.

    Finally, thank you for bearing with me, sorry for writing this much. I hope I could help you a little bit.
    Cheers and good luck further on!
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