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bottom dealing

  1. O

    Jason England - Foundations

    Hello everybody, I was wondering were I can apply what I have learned from the foundation series (mainly gambling routines I am interested in) if anybody can share ideas I will look forward to hearing from you all !
  2. Scodischarge

    How Long To Perfect False Deals?

    Hi guys, I know this is a controversial topic with no ultimate right answer, because it differs from person to person, depending on several factors, the most obvious being, of course, how much time you spend practicing it. However, I'd be interested in what time you think one needs to perfect...
  3. Scodischarge

    Bottom Deal Trouble

    Hi guys, I've been practicing the strike bottom deal for a while now, and in my opinion it's gotten pretty decent by now. My biggest problem at the moment is the noise, as the sound of the bottom deal is much louder than the normal deal, thus making it easy for anyone to notice that I'm dealing...
  4. Sendmindsacrosseons

    Mechanic Bottom Deal troubleshooting

    I'm learning the Bottom Deal from Daniel Madison's Mechanic dvd. You have to keep in mind I've never learned a false deal or how to deal cards in the first place. When my ring and pinky fingers come over and straighten back out to pull the card out from under the deck, they just slide off...
  5. P

    Daniel Madison - The Bottom Deal review.

    Price: £22 / Free for Sleight Club members Length: 3 hours 45 minutes with 16 segments If you've poked around any products, notes or the magic stream that involve bottom dealing with Madison, then you know what to expect on a base level. The grip and the dealing. He's covered it a few times...
  6. Josh Burch

    A Comparison of Bottom Deals

    I've had a playlist on You Tube featuring various bottom deals for a while it's fun but I decided to put together a montage of some of the most popular bottom dealers in magic and see how they all handle the move.
  7. S

    Gene maze and the art of bottom dealing

    After watching a couple dvds and reading Expert at the card table on the art of bottom dealing, I've found out that what Jason England calls the Gene maze grip is the most comfortable grip for me and in Foundations he recommends the book gene maze and the art of bottom dealing for further...
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