A Comparison of Bottom Deals

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  1. I've had a playlist on You Tube featuring various bottom deals for a while it's fun but I decided to put together a montage of some of the most popular bottom dealers in magic and see how they all handle the move.

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  2. Nice! Did you narrate that? If so, great job! Really pointed out some key factors.

    I think it's interesting to see all the differences in motions of something you can't actually see happening.

    I have to that my favorite was Richard turners (I didn't notice it was a false deal until you pointed it out lol), but Marlo and Jason England are right behind him!

    Btw, does anyone know who uses what grip and deal across the board?

    I know Marlo uses the Master Grip, which is the one I'm learning right now (or trying to atleast lol), so he is using that, but what variation of the deal was it? Obviously Daniel Madison is using his own grip. I believe Jason England, Jerry Camaro, and Richard Turner use a variation on the classic Erdnase deal, but I'm just guessing here. Anybody know?
  3. I love the bottom deal, it's a fun move to practice. Thanks for sharing this Josh.
  4. IMO, Richard Turner takes the Blue Ribbon. The difficulty factor is off the charts because it is a second-from-bottom deal. But I think what makes his deal the most deceptive of all of them on the video, is that he thumbs the top card part way off the deck in the process of doing the dirty work, so the beginning of the deal looks exactly like the legitimate deals. And he perfectly times the pulling of that top card back onto the deck with the dealing of the second from bottom card. This maneuver also adds tremendous cover, or "shade," as the mechanics are fond of calling it.
  5. Nice idea to compare the style of different bottom dealers Josh. However, I find it a bit critical that you judge these guys based on a single video clip. Forte has a million different ways for bottom dealing. The same is true for the other guys as well, apart from Daniel Madison probably. Therefore, I don't think its possible to determine the "best" bottom deal form a video like yours.
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  6. I definitely think Richard Turner is the best. He is just one of a kind.
  7. I agree, and I concede that the title of the thread was a click baity... it really wasn't my meaning to see who had the best deal. Although I did very little to stop that. Every card sharp values different things in a deal and they do what they can to minimize what they believe are their biggest tells. Who am I to say that one is better than the other. I'm going to edit the title to something more positive.

    I found what clips I believed to show their bottom deals in the best light. I found a couple of bottoms from Marlo and Ricky Jay that had a less flattering angle. Then again I have seen much better video from Shade than what I chose here.

    My bottom sucks in comparison to all these guys (and yours Joey) and I have experimented with about 6 different grips and deals over the years. I found video of Marlo doing his cigar double while putting together this video, it was super interesting and unique but it had problems if you are comparing the guys on their chops.

    I think we agree that for students of the bottom deal a lot can be learned to see how the experts handle the move though.
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  8. I'm better than Richard on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He's better than me on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. On Sunday, Forte is better than all of us.

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  9. We're not worthy! We're not worthy!
  10. Richard Turner, Steve Forte, and Jason England can use any grip they want. They all know the Erdnase grip. but can also deal bottoms from the mechanics grip. Daniel Madison calls his grip the Madison Grip, but from what I've seen its just a slightly modified Erdnase Grip. (He's a great magician, but the way he executes his bottom deal would get him into big trouble in fast company)

    If you plan on using these skills at the card table its best to learn every grip you can.
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  11. Thanks! Yeah, I agree about Madison's deal.

    Lol I don't plan on using them at a table, maybe just for friends, and probably in a few routines. Still learning though
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    You should get everything Jason England has ever put out. My technique differs from Jason's, but his stuff is super solid and I would recomend it to anyone. Also, I have a book and video series coming out soon called Million Dollar Mechanics. check it out!

    Houston Curtis
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