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  1. Hey guys, I'm pretty new when it comes to flourishing, I've worked on some beginner stuff and I got it down alright, but some more complicated cuts, I can do it, not smoothly, but working on it, I have a question for all of you. When I work on new cuts. the packets, especially for cuts from Dan and Dave, get very...Messy, as in cards are everywhere, not as a single packet, per se.

    Do you guys and gals have any idea of what to do to fix this? I've already been practicing rigorously, and I'd like to see what you think.

  2. Every beginner has gone through this when it comes to cardistry. All I can say is keep practising. Try executing the cut very slow and it will gradually become smooth. Once it becomes smooth, it will increase the speed because your hands are developing a muscle memory.
  3. Another way is to remember the packet that is messy, and take all other packets away, then try to go through any motion necessary using both hands to really get a feel for what moving a single packet should be.

    In other words, if you can get a feel for that particular movement much better, than the packet will move as a unit instead of the alternative.

    Also, practice easier cuts with that same type of motion. For example, if you have trouble with a complicated D&D cut that involves holding a packet between only your fingers and not your thumb, then practice the thumb cut a little more. This may help the motion you're attempting to accomplish.

    If all that doesn't work, then rubber band packets together. This will not help with where to put pressure on the cards, but it will help with positioning and the actual motion that needs to be completed in order to squarely complete the cut. Then, by removing the rubber bands you have a slight foundation and you at least have a feel for how the packet SHOULD be moving, which is more important than any tutorial.
  4. Tape the packets.. great way to pratice.
  5. I'd agree with the above poster on some flourishes. For instance, i taped the packets to get used to the 'Sybil' grip or Z-Grip which overall helped.
  6. I would say just apply more pressure to the cuts.

  7. my opinion, if you applying some rubber band / tape / any kind of helps it makes you master it slower than you just practicing just the way it is. and it helps you to get much experience to handle cards than doing it with tapes, rubber bands , or whatever.

    card drops / mess + keep practicing = experience boost.

    good luck my friend. ;)


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