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    I don't know the rules about product endorsement, but I am sure the Theory 11 higher ups won't mind.
    Kozmo magic has produced an amazing dvd Called Mirage et Trois. The magician who came up with it is Eric Jones. I had a sneak peak at this dvd, and it is awesome. It is three coin routines that go really well together and get awesome reactions by spectators, magicians or not. The routines are not extremely difficult to perform either. The teaching and overall production of this dvd is impressive. These routines can be added to anyone's repertoire.

    Preorders are being taken at http://www.kozmomagic.com/ and click on Eric Jones on the left side.

    This is my best at an unbiased review, as Eric is a good friend of mine. If you have any questions about the dvd, feel free to post on this thread and I will do my best to answer them.


    Edit: I just realized I forgot the r in Trois in the thread title
  2. Mirage et Trois is actually also the name of a trick by Chris Kenner found in TOOC.


  3. no, thats menage et trois
  4. Thanks Matt... I have already pre-ordered this one and I am looking forward to learning it.

    If you have never seen any of Eric's work then you are missing out on a amazing magician and a good teacher. (not directed at you Matt)
  5. This is an improvement on Chris Kenner's routine, and Eric decided to name his routine after Kenner's. This was a complete sell-out at the Motor City Convention, and I imagine this to seel very well. It's an excellent DVD, and well worth it. I encourage everyone to pick this up immediately.
  6. yo

    Thanks Matt and Jeff for the kind words about my new DVD Mirage Et Trois.

    I just wanted to take a couple of moments to qualify a few things that may seem out of place with some of you. First, the title, Mirage Et Trios. The title kind of pays homage to the guy who came up with placing three coins in a fan hand having them travel visibly from hand to hand, Chris Kenner. The actual visible coins across depicted on the DVD is called SVCA or Spectators Visible Coins Across.

    Secondly, I wanted to tackle the title of the third phase which I've been calling KKK (Three Klan Vanish). I guess some people don't know who Rune Klan is and assume i'm making a racial remark. :eek: Actually, this title gives credit to magician Rune Klan and his Mirage Coins vanish sequence, which my KKK emulates with a different method.

    Lastly, I'll talk about the difficulty and the credits. These three routines are workers, directly out of my professional repertoire and are both angle friendly and are well within the range of the average coin technician. Everything is fully explained with multiple angles and credits are given where do both during the explanations and at the conclusion of the DVD.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this or any other of my material, feel free to direct them to me here in a PM or drop an e-mail:



  7. Is this by any chance the same as Speedfly?
  8. This is definitely not the same as Speed Fly... it's better.
  9. Eric Jones is the most impressive coin worker his generation has seen.
    I love watching him..it is like watching a beautiful ocean..he just flows so nicley!

    Although, I am still upset that he is racist against quarters. I mean seriously have you EVER seen him use quarters?? EXACTLY!

    But I can let that slide....ohhhh you have to see his rising card HOLY SH=7! It WILL make you a believer.

    Love ya E
    ( not E as e-llusionist but e as eric as in jones)

    Also let me clarify that I am not saying I love or do not love E ( e as in e-llusionist not e as in eric jones..we have already established I do love E..agian not e-llusionist but jones) which has absolutely NOTHING to do with eric jones...ummm
    Just go buy ERIC JONES DVD!

  10. Haha, Justin, you might want to shy away from these late night posts, bro. haha
  11. Man that rising card is unbelievable.
  12. In a room full of magicians, Eric blew everyone away with the rising card.
  13. Is there a full performance of the routine anywhere?
  14. I don't do coins, at all. But I must say, this routine is amazing. It looks 5000000 times better in person too.
  15. I do not think there is a full performance anywhere online. But I can tell you, with no hesitation, that this DVD is fantastic, and well worth the asking price.

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