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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by theguardian123456, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Hi, I got my mirror deck yesterday and ive been playing around with them and I decided to do a review.

    On the front of the box it says in big fancy lettering "PLAYING CARDS" in between that it says "Mirror" on the bottom of the box it says "Mirror"
    and on the back it shows Dan and Daves logo.

    I think I covered all i need to on the box.
    Well I really like the design on the front and the whole thing looks neat 8/10.

    Ill start with the backs.Well....this is what I love about the deck the design is AMAZING. I really dont mind the two D's in the middle, personally I think it makes them look cooler. Si Scott is an AMAZING artist, everything on the back looks awesome.
    Joker:The jokers are really neat. It displays two "magicians" I guess, and instead of there being two J's there are two D's.
    Ace of spades:AWESOME, coolest ace of spades ever.
    Face cards:These are more simple and plain than ordinary cards. People seem not to like them, but I think they are pretty neat.

    I really like the designs on this deck.It gives it kind of an artistic feeling.9/10

    These are great for flourishing, they hold together really nicely and they fan good too.9/10

    I dont know what to say here so ill just rate it.9/10

    Well that just about wraps it up.All in all this deck is really nice.If you have a chance buy one , try it, i think you will like it.


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