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  1. I bought Juan Tamariz's book and followed the instructions for memorizing the stack, even downloaded an app to help but I'm still having alot of trouble memorizing more than the first 13, I can't seem to find a way to picture each number on each card and I was wondering if any of you had any more helpful resources or tips?
  2. If anyone has a story or something that they found helpful I'd really appreciate a pm or something
  3. The way that helped me the most was the song.
    I recorded myself "singing" the cards and listen to it many times.
    Try to find a song from your childhood and use it for this purpose..
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  4. Which app did you get? I like Ultimate Stack Trainer for the initial phase of learning it and then Mem Deck Pro for getting better from there and focusing on the specific items that have trouble with. Beyond that I use the months of repetition method.

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  5. A memory palace is helpful, that's how I go about memorizing decks. Geoff Williams created a book for the Aronson stack that uses mnemonics. It's called "The Aronson Stack for Everybody", it could help you to memorize the Aronson stack.

    The methods Tamariz sugests for memorization aren't that effective or efficient in my opinion. Luckily for much of the work you don't really have to have the deck memorized!
  6. I am not sure this applies, but it is a memory trick that I learned in college, worked especially well when taking a test in a course that I really hated...

    I would make a cheat sheet exactly like I would want to have in the upcoming test. I did this usually the night before the test. These cheat sheets were usually one 8 1/2" X 11" sometimes 2 pages. I would then take a key word from each line/topic and write it in front of that part of the cheat sheet. I would then memorize the fist letter of that key word. Sometime making up a rime or song that these sequential letters would fit into. Or sometimes I just memorized the letters. Then I would practice writing down these letters in proper sequence. What I found is after writing down those key letters, I could then easily come back and associate that letter to words and write down from memory most of the material on my cheat sheet....ending up with a page or two of notes! I usually could develop and learn all of this in 1 - 2 hours. Then when the next day when the test started, I would have a blank sheet of paper and do the drill. Then I would use my legal cheat sheet and ace the tests.....I got caught by a teacher once who thought I was cheating. I stayed after class and set in front of her spitting out another cheat sheet....I aced her test too! She did not like it, but nothing she could do....wish I had figured this out earlier in my school days, my grades in English, Sociology, and Civics would have been better.
  7. I was able to memorize it in 24 hours after having inspiration from Asi Wind at the Portland Magic Jam a few months ago. I have the worst memory but I can now use it to do a load of effects! From Michael Close's prop less invisible deck, to Tamariz effects, to Simon Aronson.. It really opens doors!

    So here is my unlisted video cause the point gets across better.

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  8. I was there too! Loved the Asi Wind lecture.
  9. For the app version you can try Memo Deck: Mnemonica Edition. It is useful to me, but a little bit pricey. Available for iphone.
  10. I just got mnemonics for everyone and the peg memory system in there really helped a lot, thank you all for the responses
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  11. Hi Daniel,

    I am a new Mnemonica user as well. So new in fact that I am still 2 weeks in reading through each effect in the book. As for the stack, I have memorized the deck fairly well enough to perform some of the earlier effects.

    As for my tip on memorizing, I used Joshua Jay's suggestion of "just doing it." No songs, no stories, no pictures, just memorizing the deck cold. Brute force memory worked for me. But based on that, your brain makes associations on each card on its own. Either raking your memory for a similar picture or anchoring the cards name to a present visual. Like the number 15, got associated with my birthday 15th of April.

    I know it's not that helpful, but that's what I did. Quoting Joshua Jay, practice 45 min every day and you will be able to memorize the deck cold after 1 month.

    Hope this helps.

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  12. I too (and my four year old daughter) use the "Memo Deck" app and highly recommend it.
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  13. Can anybody help me with how to set up the stack ? I don't really get both of the methods mentioned on page 14-17. A private message would be very helpful. Thank you very much in advance.
  14. Ok I don't know what I was doing wrong but I now managed to get to the stack with the 2nd method. Nevertheless I still don't know how to do the faro method. A message would be appreciated.
  15. What Anthony said, brute Force that's how I learned also I took my time to learn, I would do about 4-5 cards a day... Also I made flash cards out the cards them selves, I would write the number on the back of the corresponding card and test myself
  16. Do what Tamariz asks you to do, and I am almost sure that you will get it after 6 straight hours with 5minute breaks in-between. I sang a song with each card a different pitch/a different style on my phone, set it on infinity mode to repeat itself over and over, and begun spending 2 minutes drawing cards (circling the diamonds or if there was a correlation between the cards like 9th NINE of diamonds) while singing along or if I couldn't go fast enough singing the tune of the card I was drawing. Like Tamariz says, you should exaggerate your movement of your mouth when you speak.
    I did the App afterwards, but it helps only a tiny bit. After you do Tamariz's 5 ways to memorize the deck, you are set.
    Brute force may work, but if you don't perform Mnemonica for a while (a few weeks) then you may forget it in a year. But using mnemonics as well as following Tamariz's instructions, you will never forget it.
    If you still need help memorizing, buy "The Memory Arts-Mnemonica Edition" from vanishinginc. The authors might have good tips/instructions on memorizing Mnemonica.
    As for setting up the stack, start with the deck in new deck order, but cut as having the Ace of spades, followed by the king of spades, etc. on top. Reverse the bottom 13 cards (w/ overhand shuffle) and place them back on the bottom. Then reverse the 13 diamonds with the same overhand shuffle and replace, then the same w/ the clubs. Then give the deck 4 outer faros. Then overhand shuffle reverse the top 26 cards. Then run over 18 cards, and outer faro it into the deck. Finally, cut to the 9 of diamonds. In this time, you pretty much broke in your new deck, if you do a few lepaul spreads and springs!
  17. Yep, kolebear. If you wanna memorize a deck for an effect. It should start in that order. If you wanna memorize after it's shuffled good luck.
  18. If you want to memorize it after it's shuffled, pick up Scenic 52 by Jamie D Grant and put some work into it.

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