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Mar 21, 2010

Modern Mentalism is a collection of 14 effects from the mind of Matt Mello, spanning 2 volumes, It is one of the few DVDs on the market that appeals specifically to the entertainer that performs mentalism close up. Another unique feature of Modern Mentalism is the absence of sleight-of-hand methods and awkward props. Instead, Modern Mentalism uses clever principles, interesting plots and extremely simple methods to create a collection of close up mentalism worthy of both casual and professional performers.

*Rather than going over each effect, one-by-one, I’ll only discuss my favorite effects from both Volume 1 and Volume 2. These are my first impressions, although for a few effects, I have performed them before for real audiences in real environments.


Photographic - If you could really memorize a long string of code in seconds, it would probably look something like this.

*An updated version of Matt’s effect, “Graphic”, which he released about a year ago. I have to say I really enjoy this effect, a lot. It’s an effect with a great premise with a very clever method that’s hidden in plain sight that achieves a very realistic performance – no crib sheets or memorization needed.

Lottery - This is Matt's version of the add-a-number routine, using the lottery as its theme. It uses no switch pads or gimmicks, and as a bonus, Matt also teaches a way to do this effect with absolutely nothing on you but a pen and paper

*Another amazing effect on the Download. I think this is a very clever use of the principle and it’s definitely one of my favorites so far. The use of the lottery theme is a fantastic take and the fact that it involves 3 spectators with an unbelievable ending really makes this one of the best on the Download.

Any Card at Any Number - Forget about complicated math and card counting and all of that, and get ready for one of the simplest solutions to the "Card At Any Number Plot". With only a deck of cards and a prediction, you'll be able to perform one of the easiest, most baffling effects imaginable on your spectators.

*More of an “Open Prediction” with an “ACAAN” plot. I love the fairness and simplicity of the effect – no stacks or memorization needed – and the spectator is really open to choose any number of her choice which makes that effect much more astonishing (and she’s also allowed to shuffle the deck beforehand). Everything is shown opening and cleanly… practically impromptu!


Billet Tear - With this simple tearing sequence, you'll be able to reveal almost any piece of information that the spectator can think of.

*A very simple and easy “Billet Tear” you’ll have down in minutes. I believe this was included in “Technique”, another one of Matt’s releases, and I’ve been performing it since, especially in times when I don’t have anything on me. You’ll definitely get very strong reactions with this.

Instinct - This is a simple Russian roulette routine which has been used and tested by Matt for many years. The method is genius, and once you learn it, you'll be able to perform this miracle with a variety of presentations. Also included is a bonus idea not offered on the original Instinct video, something which gives the effect a nice extra punch at the end.

*Definitely a ‘diamond in the rough’ for “Russian Roulettes”. It combines a simple method, again, hidden in plain sight with clever thinking to leave you steps ahead of the spectator – no gimmicks, Sharpies, PK rings or magnets needed - a 100% impromptu and perfectly safe “Russian Roulette”.

Point and Predict - After the spectator shuffles the pack of cards and spreads it across the table, they are asked to touch one, their choice completely free. The card box is then opened, showing a prediction that's been in play since the beginning. It predicts their chosen card.

*I really like the openness and fairness of “Point and Predict” – a spectator freely touches any card, and when the box is opened, you show you’ve predicted it beforehand – it’s that clean. It’ll take a little practice, but the payoff would be worth it. And the fact that the spectator takes the prediction out of the box really gives it that extra punch to show nothing could have been switched or added to the box – because literally there’s only 1 prediction in the box.

CONCLUSION: This Downloads definitely hold some great material that’s worth picking up, because you’ll find something you’ll like and actually perform. Matt is a incredible teacher and goes over the handling of each effect, along with tips and his afterthoughts. Papercrane’s quality is perfect, as usual. A set that should be checked out, so with that, I hope you enjoyed my review.

Aug 31, 2007
i got this set. i rated 3 of 5.
Richard Osterlind mind mysteries is the one to go,just my opinion.

Mr. Magic,

Sorry you feel that way, but it shouldn't be about which is better. If people are into mentalism, they'll buy both, and they'll take away different things from each. It's about variety and learning different effects and different ways to do them.

Personally, if I had to choose, I'd say I prefer Banachek's PSI Series over Mind Mysteries. But, I own them both, and I do routines from both, because each of them have their own great qualities. It's all a matter of preference.

Matt Mello
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Aug 31, 2007

Yes...I am.

If it's a matter of "you can only buy one...which one are you gonna buy?" then yes, the choice matters. If someone is asking, "which one is better?" then it matters. But this is a review section, not a comparison section. It would be like me going into a Mind Mysteries review, and rather then give any useful information about Richard's product, all I say is...."meh...PSI Series is better". That type of "review" isn't a review at all. It doesn't tell you anything about Mind Mysteries. But, regardless of the fact that I like PSI Series more, it doesn't mean Richard's material isn't worth looking into as well. Would you agree?

So I still say that it shouldn't matter which one is "viewed" as better. Because that's all it is...a view. This section is about posting a review of the PRODUCT, and allowing other people to make their own decisions.

Matt Mello
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