More idea or routine for SMOKE???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lmfy32k, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. It just appear to be not much routine you can do with the gimmick of smoke (Alan Rorrison). ONLY 1 routine??
    The video seems a little bit misleading, on where the card appear from the mouth with the smoke coming out. If this is find the card with your mouth routine, then how you load 2 things (the gimmick and the selected card) into your mouth. Well, the DVD didn't teach me how.

    I just can't think of much routine that I can use this gimmick for. Any idea???
    By the way, SMOKE is great, I like it. However, I just can't combine it with other routine. Because I can't think of a good timing to load in the gimmick. Any thought??
  2. Look up Eric Jones A Trick With Nothing....
  3. It has many possibilities! Like Dresscode they aren't just spoon feeding us routine after routine. They are giving US chances to get creative be our own performer. A great example is like above Eric Jones made that routine using Smoke. There are chances just sit and have a think and sure there will always be people to help out :p

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