My date with Katie!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JCwebs09, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Can you come to homecoming with me? In like, 5 years? ^_^ Joking, but that would be so awesome. Your a lucky man, JC... one lucky, lucky man...
  2. Kate is kenner's girlfriend.
  3. Dang, too abd my school doesn't have any formal dances...
    Congratulations on going to prom with Katie!
  4. Okay, I'll im u again in the future.
  5. Dang you should come to our homecoming in Alaska! More expensive flight though... =(
  6. Man. That seriously rocks, nice job.

  7. That's pretty neato to see someone in her position be so personable. : )

    || sean ||
  8. Hey, Katie. I'm getting married soon.. would you like to be my wife? ^_^

    Honestly, I've never spoken with Katie but from what I've lingered and read, she's top notch. What a heart in that girl. Simply incredible.
  9. borrowing others girlfriends

    awesome stuff
  10. Ok me tha is the weirdest thing ever.
    Ah well never mind you learn something everyday.

    You can't OWN somone.


  11. hmmm... i wonder if angela funovitz would go on a date with me :) hehe...
  12. Hey.. thats MY dream (magic) girl.. She can backpalm me anytime :rolleyes:
  13. Naw, Katie's number one!
  14. I used to live in Houston..... damn....
  15. Shouldn't have moved, you dummy. ;)
  16. Ultra classy.

    I am very impressed.

  17. they are both beautiful.
    it's just that nobody really knows if angela funovitz has a boyfriend or not, katie does.
  18. I just won the saturday night contest and understand that Katie is supposed to deliver my prize personally. (I wish) I think it is because I offered to take her out to dinner at the nicest resturant in town and would let her order the most expensive food from the menu. ( I think the most expensive thing on the menu is a BigMac meal deal.) :eek:
  19. HAHA.
    I can see how your first class all the way.
    What did you win?

  20. My brother actually did go to the hospital that day.

    It wasn't that serious though lol.

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