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  1. When I first found out what theory11 was, I thought immediately, "The next Ellusionist." I despise the way that Ellusionist tricks beginners into buying shoddy one-trick DVDs, and when I found out that a lot of stuff on theory11 is one-trick DVDs, I was getting a bit worried. Does anyone else think this? Or are these DVDs actually worth it?
  2. Just looking at those involved in this site should answer your question.
  3. Well, I think they explained this. These are effects that you can and will use, and they're all amazing. So I think it's fine.
  4. more so all this one tricks require gaffs or gimmicks, people have been selling single tricks for years and years, nothing new
  5. Yeah, I can tell that as long as Brad Christian stays away from this, it'll be just fine.
  6. LOL, I agree
  7. Guys, Theory 11 is just getting started. What I think we need to focus on is the individuals who are backing this project.

    Some great Magicians and their goal is a fantastic one. Unity in the Magic Community.

    The first DVD's you see here are mostly one trick DVD's but the Trilogy is not. With time they will be able to produce some new material and DVD's that contain many tricks, techniques and routines.

    Give them a chance. I love what they stand for and I belive they will be a success. Let's be positive because after all, we all want what's best for the Magic Community.
  8. I guess only time will tell ...But in my opinion , they have a pretty reputable group of folks over here ...I mean look how many people allready handed over Credit card info...That has to say something ....I hope that this turns out to be what they say it will... I will be pleased if it does..
  9. We understand your concern and hesitation. In fact, that concern is what pushed us to create a site like this. We are a site that focuses on the quality of magic over the quantity. We screen our tricks based on a number of different factors. If it doesn't live up to our standards, you won't see it here. That's a personal promise.

    Watch the site intro again. Look at just how passionate and dedicated our team is to bringing you the best, most visual magic being performed today. That passion is what drives us.
  10. Agreed, I think we should let them get this whole thing up and running at its full potential before or atleast get some more DVD's out before we start making accusations about the site. This site is also being run by some of the the magicians.
  11. true .. but more recently the trend has been increasing to release single effect dvd's and most of these are targeted at the younger crowd. dont get me wrong if i feel that an effect is worth the price i dont mind paying for a single effect but for those of us that work for our money, i would like to get our moneys worth and unfortunately some effects out there are a disappointment. so im hoping that the business model around here is not only to produce single effect dvds and rather expands and also features a large variety of other products (gaffs, props, videos, books, etc...)
  12. Well, I hear some theory11 DVDs come with a gimmick!

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