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My magic confession

Aug 7, 2018
Recently, I’ve been into coin collecting. I’ve asked people to give me any old coins that they don’t want, and I’ve been collecting some of the weirdest ones from around the world. I also always keep one in my pocket.
Besides the fact that I think these coins look cool, I’ve only ever told one person WHY I keep a coin in my pocket at all times.

Coin magic.

I am by no means a magician, but last year I was heavily into playing cards and I liked card magic. But for awhile now I’ve been especially interested in coin magic. I love practicing it because it takes my mind off of hard times, and it gives my fingers something to do. I will spend hours practicing by myself. And I have my one friend who lets me practice tricks in front of her.

There’s something so simple that I love about coin magic/sleight of hand. But I’m afraid to tell anyone. I (used to) have a friend that HATED magic and magicians. They made it so blatantly obvious, but after I had a falling out with that friend, I turned to coin magic even more. It’s like an addiction.

So I’ve simply come here to express that, because I know obviously that people won’t judge about magic. Again I’m not a magician, but just coins and coin handling and sleight of hand fascinate me so much.

Let me know what your favorite coins are to use for coin magic! I have the bite coin gimmick, otherwise I just use my walking liberty half dollar. Sometimes I’ll use a quarter or any coin close to that size. I have small hands but I’m hoping to work my way up to a silver dollar soon.
Mar 14, 2019
Kennedy half dollars all the way. I have bigger hands so they work perfect for me. Also they're not too uncommon so it's not like I'm whipping out some odd coin that nobody's ever seen. It all comes down to personal preference though. Different or odd coins make great conversational pieces which can prompt an opportunity for coin magic.
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Aug 5, 2017
WA state USA
I like coins in general and have been collecting them since I was a teen. I ask local stores if they get any foriegn coins they want to trade with me in from time to time, living in a touristy area so its not uncommon here.

For magic I use; Kennedy half dollars, English pennies or Peace dollars mostly.

Different or odd coins make great conversational pieces which can prompt an opportunity for coin magic.

Many times when I ask for foreign coins to trade I get asked "why" and is occasionally ends up with a performance of some magic (if they aren't busy of course...I usually am asking workers this when coin hunting). A couple of locals at places I know to be good for coins now know me and Ive had requests for more magic or to show others etc.
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Dec 8, 2013
Birmingham, UK
I have a bag of coins made up of different currencies from places I've travelled or family & friends have travelled to.

Amongst them, I have a bunch of American one cent coins.

It makes for grest story telling to have a selection of world currency.
When opportunity presents itself, I perform Break by Uday
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Aug 7, 2018
Waking Liberty Half Dollars are my favorite. They look cool, sound awesome, and handle well! Coin magic is a difficult genre so good on you for giving it a go!
My walking liberty is the one I’ve been keeping in my pocket now. I have Kennedy’s (the non silver ones) that I swapped out for a silver Benjamin. But I swapped my Benjamin out for the Liberty when I got it for Christmas. They are remarkable.
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