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  1. The Berglas Effect (if I'm not mistaken) is David Berglas's ACAAN. Sure there are other ACAANs out there, but Berglas's is the supposed "holy grail" of ACAANs, and I'm pretty sure it is called the Berglas Effect. I've never heard anyone use "The Berglas Effect" as interchangeable with "ACAAN". An ACAAN can be any ACAAN, but the Berglas Effect is David's ACAAN, which is the most famous and "legendary" ACAAN out there.

    Also, anyone who owns the book The Berglas Effects (released recently-ish by Richard Kaufman) knows the method of David's ACAAN. He teaches it in all it's jazz-magic-ness.
  2. Oh, right. I haven't gotten around to that book yet.

    Quite a few people I know refer to the ACAAN as the Berglas Effect, but that's probably just the vernacular.

    Also, to address your previous point, since I happen to be watching EMC session 2 right now; according to Lu Chen, he created a holy grail ACAAN, (Magician doesn't touch the deck, absolutely free selections, no stooges, spectator deals cards face up), in 6 months.
  3. Your talking out of your ass. You DON'T KNOW THE BERGLAS EFFECT. So how would you know if Miika did the same thing or not? Maybe Miika is just a smart guy, and he knows that 99% of the little youtube scrubs who watch his videos DON'T KNOW WHO DAVID BERGLAS IS, so they wouldn't be able to tell if the method he used is original or not. You can't go by what Miika says. Nothing against him, but we have no proof besides word of mouth. Hell, he could have used stooges for all we know. One thing is certain. You don't know the Berglas effect, so you can't say if he does it or not.
  4. Anyone who has read the book knows there is NO one way to do the berglas effect, if you read the
    book you would understand why.
  5. lu shen did this also, this a very unique method for any card at any number.. no stooges
  6. What Lu did looked different from what Miika did. Regardless, I now think that the ACAAN that Miika did is possible. But it's the second effect I'm still extremely skeptical about.
  7. What Lu did looked different from what Miika did. Regardless, I now think that the ACAAN that Miika did is possible. But it's the second effect I'm still extremely skeptical about.
  8. Which is why I said it's a lot of jazz magic.
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    Thanks genius. I said he PROBABLY isn't doing the Berglas Effect. PLEASE learn to read. I'm tired up people misreading posts. I'm also giving Miika the benefit of the doubt, as I know a lot of the stuff he does is real, and takes a lot of practice in the real world.
  10. I've said it before in this thread, read (thoroughly) ECT. It explains both sleights (although the thought of card Miika does at the beginning is a variation). They not really sleights, but well timed moves, and a few well chosen words (seriously).
  11. Scarecrow1 have you by any chance read the book??
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    No, unfortunately (and I don't mean to sound pretentious, like I know a lot about it, because I only know what I've heard). But I have studied the topic (the berglas effect) and from what I've heard and guessed, there is quite a bit of jazz magic going on (I don't know this obviously, but I've heard from people who own the book that it does have quite a bit a jazz magic). I would LOVE to purchase the book someday though (not just for the Berglas Effect) but I don't have the spare 300 bucks at the moment.
  13. i have it and you are right alot of jazz magic in it. its really is a great book to read but it is
    also one of those things once you know the workings of it you probably would not do it.
  14. Can you please tell me the names of the techniques used, or where they are in the book. I'm really eager to start learning the effect, but I don't want to search through 300 pages to find a couple techniques.
  15. If you own ECT, and you're genuinely interested in learning these techniques, you would have done it by now. It takes, maybe a minute at most (and that's if you're particularly slow) to scan a page of a book if you're just skimming, looking for something in particular. You've had a lot more than 300 minutes since you were first told that the techniques are in ECT and you're still looking for someone to spoon-feed you. Seriously, read and study Royal Road to Card Magic, read and study Expert Card Technique, read and study Erdnase. Then come back with any questions, because at the moment it just seems like you want to know secrets rather than to study magic. There's a difference.
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    You can also scan the table of contents making a quick note of everything you don't currently know (second dealing, probably not what you're looking for) and save yourself some time.

    And, not being a thorough student of ECT yet, I found the techniques in question in under 10 minutes.

    With that said, I think Miika got lucky with his ACAAN in this video - he didn't have to do anything, but I feel that with a fair choice of any card/number he could have produced what would have been described like this 'Well, he asked me to think of a card...and then he asked her to think of a number...he pulled the cards out and had me deal down to her number...I turned over the last one and it was the card I had thought of...I have no idea how he did that.'
  17. Youre obviously not giving him the benefit of the doubt if you say:

    "Put the two together and I highly highly doubt it's the same as the berglas effect. Nobody's going to accomplish in a few years what took David Berglas years upon years to perfect."

    you may give him the benefit of the doubt on him not using stooges, but you definitely against him when it comes to him doing the Berglas effect.

    PLEASE learn to post your arguments more cautiously, I'm tired "up" having to clarify what you said for you.
  18. 1) I haven't had the book long at all. Look at my previous posts and you'll find where I said that. I've also been in Vegas for the past week and haven't done any reading.

    2) I did skim through the book and I couldn't find what I was looking for. This is because I have very little idea of what I am looking for. This effect fooled me so badly. I haven't the slightest clue of what concepts Miika used in the trick. So if I don't know what he did and I don't know the names of anything he did, how am I supposed to find them quickly?

    3) For the last time, I AM NOT ASKING PEOPLE TO SPOON-FEED ME. Did I ask anyone to tell me the method? No. I asked for them to tell me where in ECT I can find it, so that I can learn the method myself. Let's use a more literal example. A waiter/waitress only brings you your food. You feed yourself. So, is that spoon-feeding? No. I'm only asking to you to tell me where exactly I can find the knowledge required to do the effect. But I'm going to "feed" that knowledge to myself. Therefore, I'm not asking to be spoon-fed.

    4) If I only wanted to know secrets, why would I buy ECT before I had any knowledge of the second effect Miika did? It's pretty clear I was interested in learning magic, not just knowing the secrets behind it.
  19. Read the chapter titled mental discoveries.

    There is 17 pages with 10 tricks and techniques, however the thought of card process is probably closer to an idea of Vernon's OOS OOM found in the inner card trilogy.
  20. You're taking what I said out of context to make a weak argument. When I said I was giving Miika the benefit of the doubt, I was referring to the stooges. PLEASE learn to read and not use weak arguments.

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