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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by SIX, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. My name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

    :) Cool people will get the reference

    Anyways, very nice effect. But you flashed. Your cull of the 8 to the bottom was pretty nice, it would have been invisible from the top view, but you can see that it's on the bottom when you turn over the deck.
  2. Thats funny. Your the second person that said that, I kinda threw it in there for magicians and after watching the video was like "Why?'. lol

    I never controlled the card becasue there is no need for it in this effect. I just made it look like it. The only reason I broke the deck was just in case the bottom happend to be a king and the bottom card happen to be like the 6 of spades or something like that klol.. Good eye though.

    Glad you liked it.

  3. Holy crap, I love that.

    My kinda trick... : D
  4. you chose the PREDICTION card AFTER the selection was made !!! probably you should not use the word PREDICTION in your patter 'coz that is quite contrary to logic.

    the first phase of the routine ( sandwich location ) is very good 'coz is simple to understand and seems impossible specially when the selection is lost in the middle of the deck.

    the second phase ( transformation ) is probably a good effect in itself but TO ME it did not flow with the first routine.

    i feel that if you separate the two phases you would have two great tricks but together they just make one mediocre effect.

    probably the laymen think a whole lot different than me and if this routine is getting you strong reactions in your performances then stick with it and don't change it but i do suggest that you try out presenting the routine as two separate tricks and see what kind of reactions you get.

    overall the execution of the routine was good but the construction is something i did not like a lot. but then thats just my feeling.

    best wishes
  5. very nice dude ...... gratz ....
  6. I was going to say that the trick doesn't flow for some reason, but I couldn't word it at the time. Sounds like awimagic got it. I still like the effect though.
  7. Glad you guys are nejoying the effect.

    Awi, I thought the effect flowed nicely. Your right I did pull the card out later because I forgot to ealier lol. I appreciate your feedback, constructive feedback is always great :) Thanks man.

  8. It's nice, I actually like that kind of plot.

    One thing though, I watched it once and noticed something. When you turned over the 3 cards (the part AFTER you reveal the 8), the sequence of the turning over of the cards kind of gave a little bit away. You know, the card actually "transformed" already. I wasn't sure at first but then I look at it again and there it was. Maybe some rearrangement is necessary. I hope you're getting what I'm saying here.

    Also, the prediction. Someone already mentioned it but I'm just pointing it out again.

    Otherwise, I like the effect. :D
  9. Princess Bride. Bada Bing.

    Nice effect. Very smooth. Cool production. Maybe you could make it so the change happens in the spectator's hands.
  10. After going out and performing it a few times I found what seems to cause the flow to be off balance, so I create a thrid handleing lol This one without the gimmick again, like the other video link I left.

    In the new one, I change the sandwich cards into the selctions opposites in color and the match is perfect. Makes more sense.

  11. I like the effect a lot!

    Thing about the prediction patter, it's kind of weird that you'd take a prediction card out when they're about to pick one. I was thinking something more along the lines of the prediction card being the selection's "twin". Like, hearts to diamonds and spades to clubs. I don't know, I'm just anal about stuff like that, haha.
  12. I liked the ungimmicked version better but not because its ungimmicked but because it flows a whole lot more because your prediction actually comes before the card is even picked and i like the sandwiching routine to me it goes well because first yyou introduce 2 keings then a third then magically the fourth I kinda think it would be cool with another kicker ending like a signed card transpo or sumtin I think that It would get amazing reactions because it would flow something like this (this is right after you reveal the prediction king and for a subtlety when you first put the prediction down you do not say this is a prediction, instead you put it on the table next to your wallet or envelope and say "there is now a prediction on the table): "Ok this isn't really much of a prediction but if i use magic then i can make your card match the 'would be' prediction...But like i said that wasn't the real prediction" then you pull out an envelope or wallet and BANG!! you hit them with a nice flourishy a 2 king production, an impossible card sandwich, a prediction that is wrong proven right and a 4 king production with a card transpo to impossible location. I think this would play well and to a laymen would give a similar reaction two an ACR...
  13. Feedback

    Hi Six,

    You have some creative stuff brother - really interesting thinking. Just some feedback I wanted to share.

    The gimmicked version is really well handled - I like the faints you throw in, but the discrepancy in the ungimmicked version is very good - totally natural and not visually disturbing. it's teh gimmick that allows for this and your handling of the two cards. It didn't fool me the first time - but my eyes did get big, instantly liked it - if I didn't know about the gimmicks, it would have fooled me...then again, if I didn't know, why would you take this feedback to heart? Overall, It is a very good trick - you got a winner.

    As for the ungimmicked version, I think the discrepancy is too big. I am sure you can "get away with it", but it looks like two seperate effects. I found your card...and look...BAM...a card magically appears between the two cards. There is no natural off beat either Six. It raises those "subliminal alarms" that give the audience clues. They don't know what happened, but they know you did something. That is my personal opinion - but I hope you consider looking for another method. In short, the discrepancy is done with heat on the deck...because of how it's constructed the action is happening there, so I want to look at the deck.

    Anyhow, look forward to seeing more of your things - hope you get it in ink soon, you don't want this stuff stolen. Cheers.
  14. Hey, just noticed that isn't it illogical that you're taking the "prediction card" from the deck itself? You can't predict something if they can't pick that card right?

    Still, I like the way you remade it so it's ungimmicked. With the sandwich and kicker ending, it's nice.
  15. Guys thanks for all the kind words, you are all sweethearts lol
  16. Nice version. I enjoyed this video & predictions are awesome. Thanks for showing us.

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