My Pressure Experience

Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
Ok... so I knew that pressure would hit hard in Japan, because Japanese people go for the fast, visual, simply followed but impossible to understand, type tricks.

I was with a group of friends (slightly buzzed from the gin/ vodka, which I think helped), and I was standing in a half circle my friends made around me and standing right in the middle of a very busy Shinjuku sidewalk. I had a baloon out and just blowing it up, deflating it, blowing it up, deflating it, etc... until a group of about 4 girls and 2 guys stopped and asked us what we were doing. My group said, "he is entertaining us..." and that led us into the small street session. I said that I would do something crazy and I asked one of the girls to think of a card and tell it to just one of the people in the group for him to write down on a piece of paper, then to give that paper to the other 4 to hold on to. I then did an invisible deck routine.

Finally I said that well, the cards were just a warm up and that I do mentalism a lot, but have been working with molding objects and controlling solid matter... they looked a little stunned. So I did a spoon bend right then =)... which impressed them a bit... but then I said "Ok Ok ok, that wasnt much, anyone can bend a spoon, um.... can I borrow a cell-phone?" This spooked them a bit cuz they thought I was going to bend their phone. I assured them I wouldnt bend the phone but that I would try to do something they confirmed as not being possible.

I blew up the baloon and showed that it couldnt go in through the regular hole at the top... proceeded to do the trick which just.... well blew them away and everyone else who was watching while walking by (I had about 15 people stopped at this point including my friends...) ...

I ended with "well, I said I was working on it... so getting it back out I have to refer to more simpler methods"

My friend took pictures and maybe a video of part of it... but he is on an airplane right now back to the states, so he will send them to me when he gets back.
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Dec 13, 2007
North Hollywood
It is good to hear that although the method is obvious to some, minds are still being blown by this. i love this effect, and it floored be when I saw the trailer. this is my new Fav impromtu trick.
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