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  1. For this website, I'd like to recommend selling regular bicycle rider bikes. However, I don't want it to be like Ellusionist, whereas they get away with selling 3 for like 12 bucks. All real magicians or card collectors know Bicycle makes each deck for like 70 cents. At costco, they sell twelve for fourteen bucks! Not bad. So I was thinking, if you can, it'd be cool to sell Bikes close to these prices. If you can manage to do that, the competition won't have a chance. thought i'd share my thoughts.

  2. Agreed

    yeah man, I agree with you Remy. This site holds a lot of promise. I think the main objective is to make better performers out of everyday magicians. Sometimes, after practicing an effect, your cards are mangled (obviously torn and restored effects or card to inside the mouth effects). Selling Bikes for cheap would be great, because most layman out there are familiar with the cards and would not think anything fishy is happening.
  3. Yeah, I'm with you guys. I go through a deck a day. I buy mine from sams club
    right now (14.00 for 13 decks). I just don't know if a site shop could do better than that right now. It's not just the cards...Its the shipping too.

    But...Maybe they can find a way.

  4. I think they should carry some classic works of magic such as:
    The Raven
    Royal Road To Card Magic
    Standard Bicycle decks
    More custom decks
    Close up pads
    Card cases
    Custom made beginner DVD's (Like Penguins Born To Perform, or Ellusionists Street Magic somethingorother)
  5. Well, I agree with the bikes, that way we can save on shipping etc..

    For me though it doesn't matter so much, because I have a costco near me (Did you guys know they moved into canada too now?)

    But having some of the "Classics" items wouldn't be too bad....
  6. I think that would be a good idea, except that I already get 9 decks for $14. So if T11 can beat it. I'd be glad to buy here
  7. I agree with what you all have said, sell regular bikes, The Raven, Wax, Loops etc. But also keep on with the custom stuff. Maybe make a Custom Guardian Deck Protector. That would be amazing with the Guardian logo on it. Or the Theory11 logo on the front of something. Or maybe something more original like A Theory11 Briefcase with comparments for different decks, wax, items, coins, etc. Like a custom made magicians suitcase with a T11 logo on it.

  8. i think we should leave it up to them, look how good they're doing already.
  9. where can you buy cheap decks online?
  10. I myself actually wouldn't like them to offer the classic stuff, I mean we can just go to other sites for that stuff.

    I think Theory 11 should continue with whatever they have planned and keep it to exclusive stuff etc
  11. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not a classic work of magic

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