Name of a change?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by wZEnigma, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. I really don't know, but it has a similar look to Ben Harris' color change, SuperFlip.
  2. I was thinking of that. Except isn't that done in a dribble? That's how I learned it.

    I'm thinking of publishing it in the future and wondered if it was original, or close.

  3. In principle, it resembles a Duck Change, using a Visa Switch type handling, just with two cards instead of the deck. Doesn't look nearly as convincing as the Duck Change though imo... But I don't know if this is an actual published change or not.

    Also reminds me of a change on Greg Wilson's DVD Card Stunts, but again without the deck.
  4. That's what I was thinking.
  5. It looks amazing when done right. So it's unpublished then?

    Ha, Jon, where are you?!

  6. im sure its published, its quite simple.
    but its like a drop change or a flip change. something like that. ive seen ones like that before back in the day
  7. Kind of reminds me of a duck change.
  8. I've been doing it for quite awhile, its originally done as the card is falling on a tabled mess of cards ( for the clean up ) and even that has variations on how to make the card fall.

    I just used it on the deck instead of the table ( which,granted, is very obvious, something everyone who learned the change thought of ).

    The concept goes to the early issues of Apoclypse magazine (spelling?).
  9. So it could be published, with references, without infringing?

  10. According to Medifro, the concept was originally published in Apocalypse. So I'd probably do some research on that. I'd rate it pretty likely that it's been published already, unfortunately. You might want to try PM'ing Brad Henderson too. He'd probably be able to help you out.
  11. No. You can't, and don't publish it.

    Its been done before and frankly I think its the kind of thing many people came up with before even reading it up from the source.

    I don't mean to discourge you though, keep on thinking, but don't create stuff just so you can publish and get your name out there. This usually results in poor material since you get excited about an idea NOT because you see its potential ( and then develop it further), but you get excited because now you can publish and become known. A VERY wrong mentality to have. I know how tempting the feeling to put your name up there and see people excited about your creations, but think for a second: What kind of material you want to be associated with your name? Do you really want to publish medicore or well-thought out, well studied material?

    Advice for future reference: If you want to publish something try out magazines first.
  12. This is the kind of change that im sure 95% of all cardicians have done before while messing around.
    It has a very basic premise which many other changes use.
    I honestly dont love it. Its quite obvious what happens even to a spectators eye.
    I dont think anyone formally published it as they too thought that it was nothing special and that everyone already knows it.
    If you do publish it, I think you will make 10 dollars tops off amateurs who just got into Magic days ago.
    It reminds me of the Instant Replay flourish from Paul Harris.
    Also check out Yannick Chretien's DVD as he has an effect which employs this change under a bit of cover. Exactly the same move.
    As for your video. dont lift your hand when you perform the change. it slows it down, making it more "flashable". It should be done with a downward motion.

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