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  1. Hey i just need some quick advice. Do you guys walk around with your magic accessory in your pockets? Or do you put them in something like maybe another card box for example so they all stay together in your pocket. I have my regular deck that i carry and then i usually carry 1 or 2 other things on me but i dont know if i should leave these things freely in my pocket or if i should put them in something so its organized in my pocket. Thanks
  2. Depends. What are these other things?
  3. Man that is like asking hey how to I keep things in my home? Where? In a shelf or a drawer?

    depends on the things.

    Gimmicks are things. as long as you can keep them safe, avoid damage and not reveal them, just store them the way you want. Carry them the way you prefer.
  4. When I'm working everything is in a pocket. Back ups and one off for VIPs, head tables and repeat guest are in my case behind the bar. Everything is insta reset. Everything is in a pocket and returns to the same pocket. My jacket, jacket sleeves, and vest all have extra pockets added to them. This way I don't have to fumble around looking for something. I know where everything is.If something needs replacing I know where to put it to keep down time minimal.
  5. My wizard getup usually includes a pocket belt and a hoodie or robe with pockets, so I'm pretty much a full roaming show. I do try to make sure I know what's in which pockets, and if I have to have more than one thing in the same pocket I'll try to stack things in a certain order or place them a certain way so they're easy to access quickly and accurately. You'll want to figure out what your character wears (a suit, street clothes, robes, a leotard, whatever) and then devise a method that works for you. Also, rehearse your tricks and routines wearing the same getup you'll be in when you perform.
  6. Since I have a strong (Borderline irrational) dislike of having a lot of stuff in my pockets, I don't tend to carry around magic stuff. I sometimes carry a deck of cards, but that's about it.

    Even my full hour parlor show fits in my jacket and jeans with room to spare. There's only one part, which is optional, that I would probably take out and leave on a table.

    When I did carry more props I made sure I never carried more than one thing in any given pocket. Unless I was planning a performance, I would usually just carry a deck of cards in the front left pocket of my jeans, and the means to do a coin bend in my right pocket. With those two things I could easily improv half an hour. At this point I can improv a half hour to 45 minutes without any props at all.

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