Negative in card addiction?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by caruso, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Lucky for me in Australia they dont sell bikes at every second shop...
  2. Negative in card addictions?

    Ok, at least its not marihuana or cocaine, but i have a serious card addiction which is indeed causing some trouble for me. In acadmics, i cant study, i just want to grb a deck and practice, every where i go, every where im at. i barly do homework, barely study, and some crap, i feel like im way behind many flourishers and magicians because i started kinda late, so that makes me practice a lot more....

    anyhow, i just wanted t know if any you have a negative prblem with card addcition, (feeling extreme anger ad stress when not accomplishing a move counts as a negative too, XD)

    i just want to know if im alone in this matter:confused:
  3. I had a similar problem when I first began magic/flourishing.
    My grades slipped because I turned my focus away from school.

    You are on the right track on stopping the addiction, you realize that you have this addiction.
    Now you just have to learn self-control.
  4. Yeah. I felt like that too when I first started. Just calm down and try to make a limit for yourself. Like 6 hours a day. Then, after a week, make it 5 hours a day. And keep reducing it until you don't get that feeling anymore. That's what worked for me. =) Hope this helped.
  5. THink about it this way-

    Most of us here are in school. For us, school is our upmost, #1 priority. The people you feel 'behind' make money through magic. They survive by performing magic, so they HAVE to be good.

    WOrry about school, and then magic/flourishing.
  6. hey man dont compete with us. There's always going to be that "better person" so dont stress over it. the only person you compete with is yourself. Beat your personal goals. That's what i did, and im passing =)

  7. Thats why I heavily practice one handed cuts
    I can do those while doing anything in school
    including writing with my other hand
  8. Look man, it will only be a problem if

    1) You start whispering to your cards "I love you"

    2) You take them for walks on the park and try to make them eat ice cream.

    3) You take them in the shower with you and try to bathe each one of them.

    4) You start nameming them one by one like the diamonds and hearts "Jessica, Jennifer, Karla, etc" and the spades and clubs "Lakisha, Latifa, Shanika, etc".

    If none of this happens then you're fine.
  9. Allright, I've had the same problem in the past... Before I graduated, earlier this year, I couldn't do much, other than card magic and flourishing... I had only been doing it for a couple years or so....
    But, now that I find tha I am now graduated, I have more time on my hands, thus allowing me to practice much more often...(after graduation, you may actually have less time on you'r hands though) however, I am guessing you between ages 15 and 18, If you are not grade 12, then slow way down. If you are grade 12, focus on you'r grades, you just have to find things in you'r classes that draw you'r attention... I know it can be hard, especially if you feel you have "better" thngs to do, but the thing is that you have a lot of time to "catch up", as you look at it. Everone has a peek, and eventually you'll reach it.
    This being said, I still haven't reached my peek, and I've been doing these things consistantly for the past couple of years... It's a hard fact to live with, but you have to be focused when you practice, not destracted, and honestly, if you lose 2 to 5 hours of practice a day, then it won't really effect you in the long run.
    When you are in school, don't bring the cards, or tricks out until lunch or spare, and if you have homework, do it during spare, so you can practice steadily in the privacy of you'r home.
    The more focused you'r practicing is, the more you will learn from it, don't practice at school. Perform at school, when people can watch, not during class.
  10. Just give your cards to your parents (all of them!), and tell them to give them back in a month. That should help you stop.
  11. Wow

    ROFL ^^ then im not that #$ked up *sigh* XD

    well thnks for all your tips i will sure try stopping althogh i can stop tommorow for sure... XD .... THanks for everything
  12. I'm a Freshman in high school and I have the same type of addiction, however I'm still passing my classes (C in chemistry :p) and at the same time getting lots of practice time in, and I too feel the need to practice a lot so I can catch up to those who have been doing XCM longer than I have. You should only stop and worry if you start to fail any classes, however I wouldn't recommend having someone take your cards away.... and yeah my priority list is kinda Fu*ked up, XCM is above school....

    P.S. Don't follow my example :|
  13. My name is Matt, and im addicted to crack cocaine.

    ****, wrong topic.
  14. When doing my homework I also do one-hand cuts like the revolution cut, kryptonite,revolution erdnase, Erdnase go round v_1 and 2, I also practice ECR v_3 around my back like what Dan and Dave do, practice some one handed fans, for example Carnahan fan, and the Cobra cut is nice to practice with my HW. So try those one-handed flourishes and see if that will work.
  15. This is absolutely brilliant advice. If your hobby is taking over the rest of your life to the extent that you can't control yourself, then this is a required step. I did this exact same thing back when I was a lad, but it wasn't with cards it was with my games console. You may even find that its a relief to have some time off once you're over the initial shock.

    Guess what? School is more important! Perhaps if you want to work on your own self control you could set yourself a condition like: "I won't get the cards out until I've done all my schoolwork/homework for today".

    If you feel then that you lose out on performing for your schoolfriends, then perhaps this would open the door to more creative solutions. Organising a show at your school for example! If no-one gets to see what you do as a general rule, you will be able to really do something special every now and then.

    My expectation is that this kind of advice will fall on deaf ears, but you never know; stranger things have happened.

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