Nest of Boxes?

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  1. Do you have to use a signed coin for this to be effective?

    Who else does this trick?
  2. Nest of boxes

    I do this and yes you really do need to do this with two things.
    A borrowed coin
    A signed coin.

    Why you may ask?
    It is pretty simple. It is so impossible that most people believe that an unsigned coin that is not borrowed is just vanished and the coin was always in the nest of boxes.

    I have several different versions of this effect and have found that both to be quite effective though one version is for magicians only because of the nest of boxes switch.

    Version1 :
    I borrow a quarter and the specator to sign their initials and used to use colored stickers so they had two random choices in their mind. I then use a handkerchief to cover the coin and ask them to hold the coin while I show them the brass nest of boxes...they can feel the coin the entire time until it vanishes.
    I then ask them to open the boxes. End of effect.

    Version two:
    Pretty much the same as one with the exception of the first box being on the table at the begining of the effect and then i pick it up to place it in a second spectators hand ....then vanish their coin and effect is done.

    how you vanish the coin can vary depending on what you would like to do with the effect. Dingle has a great idea he uses with his ciggarrette through quarter effect that also works with the nest of boxes. There are also methods without the hanky where you sign the quarter as well and leave it on the table in full view until it is vanished with your favorite method.

    If you have any questions please PM me.
  3. I love to preform Jay Sankeys Nest Egg! I feel that the use of a singed coin is compulsory to the effectiveness of the trick.Otherwise it could just be any old coin and the fact that you ask them to mark the coin adds somewhat of a scientific element to the effect (under test conditions so to speak) that for some reason makes people think you are going to be doing something interesting and impossible so they are more inclined to sit up and pay attention.Just my opinion.
  4. Do you know Jay Sankey's Recurrency? Pm me if you do?

    How would you prep a duplicate signature for a coin?

    I'm thinking just having it fingerpalmed when you're beginning an ACR or something and just writing on it during an off beat.
  5. yeah man.that's a pretty nice routine.what do you need help with

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