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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by waterpolodude55, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. I dont know about you but I am kinda sick of the regular colored cards and simular back designs. So I was thinking about new creative designs and I came up with the idea of plad or checkered or other ideas simular to that. Dose anyone know of any thing like this? Do you like the ideas? What are some of your ideas? Thanks!
    (sorry about spelling errors or other errors i am on my ipod and it corrects or tries to correct it but it just makes it worse)
  2. bee casino cards have a checkered back (well actually its more of a diamond back, but still) but it would be really cool if somebody made a bicycle deck that had a different back design than the classic rider back. sort of a brand new back design.
  3. i am not talking about the back of the card i was thinking about the front with cool designs not just a solid color.
  4. back = the side of the cards that are all the same
    front = the side of the cards that have the pips.
  5. Why not get the Vintage series? They look really cool and apparently they handle better than standard Rider backs... I've never tried them so I wouldn't know...

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