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Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by ZacharyTan, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. I think the change is well thought of, but I had to watch the video 2 times to pay attention to it because your nails were too distracting,cut them!
  2. Hey Zach,
    The overall idea is quite amazing, you have created a stunning yet visual trick. It looks diffucult, and now pretty much every color change out there is angle sensitive if this one isn't then i assure you this will become a hit instantly.
  3. yup i know my nails are long sorry.

    Thanks for your kind words! The only the only sensitive angle is behind you!
  4. That's impressive. I'd pay for it if it made it on the Wire.
  5. Cool change. Nice job.How much is it going to cost?
  6. Not knowing the exact mechanics, I can't be sure, however, what your doing resembles another change I've seen. I'll try to look up the name for you so you can compare. Otherwise, it's a very nice looking change.

    Matt M.
  7. The mechanics used to vanish the first queen is used in Zachary's Color Change, however the vanish of the 2nd queen utilizes a move adapted by Tony taught in that download. I've seen this grip used before for an Erdnase Color Change, so it doesn't look that new to me, but it does look very good. Great job Zachary!
  8. This looks like Tony Chang's Be Kind change. I think. Or it's ChangE.
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    Thanks guys I appreciate your words. From what I know my method is totally different from Tony's changes(Be kind change and changE) but it may look the same . Oh yah and for the angles, best is for the spectators to be infront, you can have them at your sides, but you need to do some adjustments with the handling but it'll still be as visual

  10. This is very similar to a color change I've been working with for the past several years. I've kept it pretty underground for magician's I know for a while. Actually Casey might have seen it a while back when the tinychat rooms used to be big.

    Not sure if you plan on releasing it, but I'd prefer you didn't. I'd be able to prove I came up with it first anyway:\ sorry man.

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