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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jason Soll, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Friends,

    The link above is to a video of mine that is almost 2.5 years old, entitled: Testing the Limit. By using Kicklight, I have added the option of knowing the performed moves at the time they are showed. Also, if you click the Kick when the move is shown, you will be linked to a website where you can learn the move. Sounds cool to me, but I'd love to get your feedback.


    Jason Soll
  2. ...... Why are you so amazing?.... Honestly....

  3. Woah that stuff was incredible!...... wow
  4. A high degree of motivation, curiosity, and desire to make the best better. Seeking the balance all the while.

  5. Really nice moves there Jason appreciate the video.
  6. Dude, your kindness has touched the deepest parts of my dead soul and showed me what it's like to love again :D. (lmao) You're a saint my man.
  7. To sum up what everyone else was said, your freaking awesome
  8. Awesome

  9. Hahaha, so I guess that all your kind words imply that this new concept is good. That's awesome to hear! I'd love to see some other people try to use this with their videos.

  10. That may very well be a famous quote some day.
  11. I'm quoting your quote reference. Quote that! Hahaha

  12. Hey Jason

    What actually is the concept here?

    The video is awesome but it just looks like a whole munch of flourishes.


    EDIT: 800th Post
  13. A very innovative and effective way to show credits/resources as well to learn the material.

    You may have stumbled upon the flourishing video application of the future.

    Amazing job, and thanks for sharing your videos with the public.

    What he's doing is adding a "kick" under each different flourish he does which includes the Name of the flourish. Creator and links you to the resource to learn it if you click the kick.

  14. Oh I get cha now

  15. Yeah, this could actually be a revolutionary concept when used with flourishing, like, if someone wants to release all their flourishes, they just have to 'make a video with some 'kicks' and it's like a giant index in the form of a video
  16. what is this new technology. I BET YOURE A WITCH!
  17. Definitely! If someone plans to release a cardistry DVD, the Kicks would provide an awesome way to advertise the product.

  18. yeah this definitely a cool idea.

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