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Nov 21, 2009
Sacramento, Cali
Hey guys...
I am on here quite often, responding to various posts and just overall trying to be as active as I can with the magic community.

For many many many months now, I have played around with the iPhone and what could be done with it. Various Apps have been created for us like Mr. Kenner's Rising Card, Ellusionist's Invisible Deck and my favorite, iForce.

I wanted to create an effect that used the iPhone but didn't use an app at all. I wanted something done that could make it look like real magic, not electronic trickery. So what I have for you is this:

Effect: A deck of cards is pulled out of your fake leg. You have the spectator select a card, remember it, show it around, and lick it. (omit the licking part.) Your iPhone answer it because you are rude. You hang up and place the iPhone down.
You, the Magi, then proceed to tear a corner off of the card and hand them their newly damaged card. (Oh, by the way, that card can be signed). Without missing a beat, you take that corner of their card in hand, pick up your iPhone and throw that piece INTO the iPhone. And yes, that corner is REALLY inside the iPhone, behind the glass. You can even shake the iPhone to prove that the piece is really a piece and not some crazy App. Shake the iPhone, and the piece falls to the ground. Let them look at your iPhone...they won't figya out nuffin!

So that is the here is the deal. This baby is going in my lecture notes, but being that my birthday is next monday, June 7th...I wanted to give this away to the first 20 people who PM me...

Please note, this effect WILL cost you a few bucks (no more than $25.) But after that one-time expense, you have yourself an effect that should last you a loonnnnng time. And by expense, I don't mean what you pay ME, I mean what you NEED in order to accomplish this effect...

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Apr 24, 2010
hmmmm... snazzy.
It would be cool to do this along with believe by joe paschall. I dont really know what Im saying but they are just 2 torn card effects that might look good together.


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Nov 21, 2009
Sacramento, Cali
Ok, so after getting a TONNNNN of PMs, I am just gonna reveal it on here in the coming days...why not share the idea with the world? :)


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Nov 21, 2009
Sacramento, Cali
Ok here is the explanation for this effect...

First of all, why am I just releasing it to everyone? Why not? There are still quite a few things left with what can be done to the iPhone that I am saving for later... :)

So anyway, what do we need?

Deck of cards.
One card torn near the pip. That card is second from the top. This will be your force card, obviously.
A sharpie marker to use for the spectator's signature.
And the MOST important thing. An iPhone. BUT...not YOUR iPhone. A DUMMY iPhone.

What the eff is a dummy iPhone? Well, both AT&T and Apple have been using dummy iPhones since they first came out. They look the same, feel the same and weight the same. (In reality, they aren't a 100% clone in regards to the size and shape...but that goes 100% completely by the spectators...) Also, a normal iPhone case will not fit the dummy iPhone. Though I have only tried mine, you may be able to get one that will do the job...

There are a couple of places to purchase a dummy iPhone. Here are a few links to point you in the right direction... is the site I got mine from. They are legit, and the phones look damn real. Those are actual pics OF the dummy phone. is also another place to do a search for the dummy phones. I have not bought one off of eBay, but I am sure they are legit as well.

Notice they can be purchased in either black or white.

So now that you have your dummy iPhone, the rest is just presentation. But first, we need to set up the dummy iPhone...

Take a smallllllllllll object, or even a razor-blade if you are old enough to hold one, and slightly pry open the screen from its casing. (it's plastic not glass, so there are no worries. HOWEVER, if you try to pry it all the way off, the screen WILL pop off, and you will have to reglue the screen back to the base. It will not look as good as it did when you bought it.)

With the screen open a the torn piece from your force card inside. Let the screen close and that is it my friends. The piece of card is now BEHIND the "glass" Shake the dummy phone and the piece of card bounces inside that sucker. (Note: if the card is warped even a little bit, the piece may stay in one place. You will see what I mean when you do it yourself.)

So how do we make this dummy phone come to life? A simple switch is all you need. Here is what I do:

Right when I begin the effect, my iPhone rings. (This is accomplished by simply setting a timer on your real phone, causing it to ring at ya.)...I take my real phone out of my pocket, and as I do, I mute the phone just to ensure it wont actually RING while I am in the middle of this effect. I "answer" it and tell them I will call them back. As I am appoligizing to the audience, I place the real phone back into the same pocket. And then as if I forgot, I take out the DUMMY phone and say "here, let me mute this bad boy so there won't be anymore interruptions." Now, instead of placing the the dummy phone back in my pocket, I just set the phone face down out of the way without making mention of it. I then say, "sorry about that." So now it is time to move on...

The rest is just some card make this easy, I will be easy with the moves. So execute a riffle force. Cut the deck to that position, and execute a double lift. (place the tear of the card in such a way, that when you execute the double lift, your thumb will be hiding that area of the card that is well, not there.

Take the sharpie and hand it to the spectator. Turn the deck with your other hand as if you are giving them a sturdy way to sign the card. This keeps that hidden torn area from being seen. After the card has been are pretty much done here...

Execute a KM move to dump the other card so you are just left with the force card. And now, pretend to tear off a corner of the card. There are a number of ways to make this look real, so I will let you decide what to use...

Set the card down, or let the spectator hold it. They now see a torn card, and believe that you are holding onto that piece. now, pick up your dummy iPhone and the rest is left to your imagination as to how you wanna make that piece appear behind the glass...

That is it guys! I will say that there is so much more that could be done with this effect, but again, I am leaving it up to you to reach into your creative side of your brain to figure that out for yourself. Just as I am not going to reveal how to make the piece fall to the ground, and then let them inspect your REAL iPhone, thinking it came from that one...I will leave that up to you to figure out as well...

For those that will use this, I hope you will enjoy it. It gets me great reactions in my regular bar gig I perform at...

PM me with any Qs and I will try my best to get to every one of them...


Beautiful Mike. Out of the box (or out of the phone) thinking there.

I am in disbelief that you shared this, this is so completely new and original that I just pee'd myself.

Buying a dummy droid and doing this with a coin, card, and mentalism routine.

All the best,
Oct 29, 2009
Just around
I'm sorry Mike, but you should be locked away for this. It's too good sounding (haven't seen it done yet) to be revealed.:D

Seriously though, I love the out of the box thinking in this. Genius. Good job!

May 9, 2008
Wow! Great effect. Thanks Mike for the idea! You probably don't even need an iphone for this. You could probably get a dummy phone for just about any newer phone.
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