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  1. I know Halloween was in the forties or something and I'm used to 107 degree days and there where frat boys with war paint and no shirts on and my hands where numb. Now that I live up north I'm in for a rude awakening just purchased a winter coat three times my size and wool lining boots. No I don't look like a tourist.:D I'm scared hold me!

    Thanks for the support.
  2. i love them all, i really do...pandora opens up a lot for a lotta magicians... but sweetly done is the "sh*t!!!
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    Thanks Cedric "Sweetly Done" is now being pressed as a DVD now so in a few weeks you can get the actual DVD. I'm trying to work something out with Papercrane on those who already purchased it to get a deal on the DVD itself.

    Thanks again.
  4. kool....i'll be on the lookout for all things Shane Black, dude you have gotten my attention...
  5. This product is great for people like me. I don't want an effect that is something that I can only do once a night, I need effects that take very little to no set up and can be done multiple times a night. I am a performer that does almost nothing more difficult than effect that use a simple sleights DL, Controls ETC. Baically the point I am making is that the Pandora System is for the hobbyist and the pro and they will be happy with their purchase. Why? because they will both get a produt that they will use. We have all been there we buy these amazng efects anddontdo them because they are a lot of work and who wants to feel all rigged up when they go out to perform or have a good time. When I am using the system I go with the non sealed version. This means I have their signed card travel to boxed deck. I can perform this many times a night ansd it recieves a very strong reation almost as strong as the seale version. What's even better is that I can do it multiple times a night with the same box the same can be with a sealed box but obviously you would hae to do the 1 minute prep to reset the cellophane. This is like the stuff people see on TV except you are now able to do it anywhere without a lengthy set up. Want proof look at the demo we aren't doing this is in a paid theatrical performance we are dong it on the street and places where you can do impractical magic. I hope this helps.
  6. I know the workings behind The Advocate, and I really dislike it. It's an insanely good idea, but I feel almost "dirty" when I have it with me. I was also too scared to have anything else in my pocket because I thought it might mess up the setup. For that reason, The Advocate quickly left my arsenal. It wasn't for me. I haven't had time yet with the Pandora System as I don't have the actual gimmick. I only know the workings behind it. It is genius.

    I can see why some people would like DM's The Advocate. The problem I have with some of DM's work though is that his gimmicks are pretty complex sometimes. They annoy me.

    With the Pandora System, I don't believe I'll feel that way. It's an awesome utility device, and the possibilities are endless. Not that The Advocate isn't good, but it just isn't for me. What's good for some may not be good for others.

    I'll stick with the Pandora System. Just about anyone who purchases it won't regret it. Shane is THE most creative thinker I know. His magic is genius.

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    Hey guys I wanted to update this thread and let you in on the scoop. Yesterday a woman that has lost her way to say at the least tried to kill me and made my family homeless by admittingly telling the police she set her house on fire to get back at her husband. Fortunatley the police allowed me back in to retrieve the Pandora Systems that thank god where not damaged in any way so we are actually on schedule for the release and me and my family are fine we where insured and the red cross put us up in a hotel for a few days so I'm here helping my family with anything they need. I'm headed back to Columbus on Thursday to start shooting my next project with Papercrane I can't get into any details about that but be looking for that around Feb. you guys will love this as well.

    Anyways heres a clip from the news thought you guys might find this interesting you can tell I just woke up. Haha


  8. well if you need a place to stay you can visit NY and hang in buffalo
  9. oh and i forgot to say that im sorry for the loss!
  10. Wow this does look awesome and very intriguing =]
  11. Holy crap Shane. Sorry to hear about that mess. That's terrible. If you need anything here in Ohio I'm just two hours north of Columbus.
  12. Hey thanks guys I know I've been really busy getting ready for the official release of the system and it's right around the corner the clocks started. For those of you who purchased the pre-release or purchase it tonight only you will recieve a free copy of my book "Conceptions of Mystery" with your purchase. This is a one time deal guys I llok forward to the reviews let the show begin!

  13. I was wondering how this compares to "extractor" for practicality? I love the extractor and use it for this kind of effect.
  14. Shane...

    I preordered on the 7th.
    What's the scoop with "Conceptions of Mystery" book?

  15. Hey Josh,

    I plan on going through all the pre-orders todays and tommorow and I'll be e-mailing out direct download links withing the next few days.

    Also The Pandora System is officially shipping so all the pre-orders are in the mail and we have them available to the community so I look forward to hearing all your ideas guys bring it. Cheers!

  16. No the pandora is signed, sealed and NOT stooged. I think it was convienient that the "spectator" had a new deck of cards with him.

  17. Watching that video is not a full stooge. They (production crew) could have given him the wrapped deck and said say this is yours or try and throw off Criss with this deck. So yes it is considered a stooge but that could be fully do-able with out one.

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