New Release: TRANSIT by Calen Morelli

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Guessing the exact method would require a crazy mind...
    Calen showed this to me and it's SWEET.
  2. Very interesting.
  3. update- just created my own little thing, works exactly the same
    except in 1 thing, where he shakes his hands and it jumpes to the other fingers
    cannot quite figure it out, damn you magic!

    ima download it
  4. This is great!

    My only gripe with this is I wish Theory 11 would just post a FULL performance in front of spectators with reactions and such. Like they did with Believe. Smoke. Crush. Witness. Prophet. Distortion. They did the same cuts with Watermark. For me watching a full blown performance of the effect adds more value to me.

    But awesome otherwise.
  5. Do any purchasers have further reviews or thoughts on this effect?
  6. Typically when it comes to magic effects that I love, I keep them to myself. And only share with those close to me, the brilliance of the effect. but seeing as how this is a Theory11 effect, it's gotten enough publicity anyway.

    Since I'm about to move I purchased several effects and books so that I don't have to worry so much about international shipping costs, this being one of them. This effect totally threw me off. while waiting for it's arrival I started thinking of possible solutions... Then it arrived. I saw the gimmick... Even seeing it I had no clue what to do with it. Then I watched the short but sweet dvd. Calen... You m----r f----r... Ever since seeing the teaser of Garrett Thomas' ring effect, I've been dying for a ring effect like that. This will hold me over for sure. The method is brilliant. The effect is so much fun to practice. I advise you to get to know your gimmick very well. This effect has many possibilities. It's definitely possible to show both sides of your hand clean throughout the entire effect. Even though that's not shown in the performance. I've been playing with that idea a little bit. Anyway, I'm basically in love with this effect. It's almost perfect... It's practical. Near impromptu... so as long as you carry your gimmick on you. Sturdy gimmick. Organic. and pretty easy to learn. I was doing the routine within 10 minutes. still have ways to go to get it how I want, but if you want to just get the basic routine, it shouldn't take too long. I don't think Calen has any need to get a refund on his soul. It was worth selling. Final note, take your time tweaking your gimmick to work properly.

    Although, a question...

    The supply you with a good amount of needed items, but if I were to want to get more, where would you suggest getting them? both the rubber bands and the gimmick. And in different colors? Thanks! I'll order a bunch once I get pointed in the right direction.
  7. Thanks, Asher. I'm not a big rubber band magic fan, but this looks nice, and I love clever methodology. I recently purchased Calen's "Steal" and think it's pretty great, so it got me interested in this one.
  8. Edited.

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  9. It's not one of those effects that the method is the shining moment of the effect. It's very good all around. and you don't need any rubber band experience to learn this.

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