New releases on Friday?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jevonsp, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Gaffs.

    Hell yeah.

  2. I know it's probably not an upcoming project, but it'd be fun to see something else with Jason England.
  3. Soon

    Only about 3 hrs till the reveal!
  4. Terrific, the new DeckOne v2 is just the same old DeckOne v1 with some small differences made to the tuck case. And what are the other new releases? I don't know, but they ain't cards that's for sure. Oh well, one less order for me to place. I certainly am not going to be paying for another DeckOne when it is exactly the same thing as I already have one of those and am quite happy with just the one. Big let down in my opinion, it wouldn't be that hard to change the deck now would it? To change the colors or design, not at all, but you guys failed to do anything to interest me in this new deck, especially after all these weeks of hype.
  5. There are 2 uncut sheets, and i dont know the last 2

    EDIT: Oh wait the other 2 are the canvases
  6. Well aren't you egotistical? I realize that this is your opinion, but there are always kinder ways to state it. I would like to see you be the CEO of T11 and come out with something completely new every week. I honestly don't think you would be able to do it once a month. Try to tone the harshness down a little next time.
  7. I agree with the previous sentiment, the canvas prints are cool but come on guys, if you're going to send out these preview emails and build things up make sure you actually release something exciting; otherwise we'll stop reading them.
  8. The curtain has been raised. As we posted earlier this week, tonight marked the return of DeckONE v2. This is of course not a new design, but a second edition printing, and we made numerous improvements to the overall design - namely, the box. The second edition box looks even MORE like real metal than the first, with a small, subtle II that signifies the second edition printing. They are AWESOME.

    We also posted 250 uncut sheets of the [red] Bee Stingers and DeckONE v2. If you're not into uncut sheets, but still like playing card design, then the final two releases of the night might be a good fit. They're premium, high resolution canvases of two of our most acclaimed designs: the Sentinel Ace of Spades, and the Sentinel King of Hearts. They're huge (up to 24 x 36), and they're ready to be mounted on YOUR wall in less than 60 seconds with no frames required.
  9. I'm not into uncut sheets, but these canvas's are making me drool; time to get that job at Veras..
  10. The last newsletter we sent out was upon release of Titanium's and Stingers. Tonight's releases were completely unannounced aside from a few forum posts, Twitter, and Facebook. If you got any emails about them before tonight, they certainly weren't from us. No need for negativity here - I think (and hope!) tonight's releases were VERY exciting, but to each his own.

    We've released NINE products in the past FIVE weeks. Mathematically, not everything we create will appeal to all people. That's okay. Our goal is quality over quantity, and to that end, I think our team is doing an incredible job.
  11. I'm not into the uncut sheets, but I love the canvases! A little out of my price range, but look great
  12. They look incredible, especially in person. I realize these are a bit more expensive than the uncut sheets, but keep in mind that with the canvases, you don't have the additional cost of framing. And they're guaranteed to last you a long, long time.
  13. Sure looks exciting in my room! I've received nothing but compliments. I love these things. The great part is I don't have to frame them, I've spent nearly $100 framing each of my uncut sheets.

  14. DAMMIT YOU GUYS MADE ME DROOL! ESPECIALLY ANDREI! I wanna buy the canvas but currently i don't have any spare change. Uncut Sheet, here i come!
  15. Wow its so cool to get all these great responses! Anyways, I understand now the "cards, but not quite cards" thing from Jonathan :p
  16. When I first saw both these canvases, I wanted to buy one of each immediately. Except the shipping costs almost $200.

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