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  1. Hey guys,

    Well I am transferring to a new high school and I was wondering when Should I start showing cardistry and magic to my new peers. So should I like wait a month or something to settle in and make friends before I start showing off cardistry and magic to my new peers or should I just break free and have fun preforming cardistry and doing magic to my new peers from day one?

    I know I have a huge advantage as the "New Kid" because of my cardsitry and magic ,but I don't know when I should start letting people know what I do. When should i start preforming cardistry and magic in my new school????
  2. immediately liek a bauws. which school r u transferring to?
  3. John O'bryant high's an Exam school.
  4. I would recommend not showing off straight away, unless you want to be entirely defined as "the kid who does card tricks". It won't necessarily make you look cool, it may backfire and make you look like an attention-seeker with a geek hobby. And, just from a dramatic point of view, it'll be so much more impressive for your peers if they get to know you as a person, not as a magician, and then your secret abilities are one day hinted at, then slowly revealed. Plus, never show your whole repertoire. Always have two or three of your absolute best effects in reserve for those "just in case" moments.
  5. Definitely not. It would make you look like an idiot, no matter what's the quality of your performance.
    As a rule, I don't (magically) touch cards, red balls and other **** if I'm not behind my bar or if the audience doesn't f*cking crave for a performance. If you want to look decent as a performer (and as a human being), I suggest you do the same.

    Cheers and good luck in the new prison.
    I mean school.
  6. Absolutely not. Wait a month, meet new people, make them like you for who YOU are, not your magic.

    Then, a month later or so, when you've met some cool people, and you're hanging out with them, or even if you're in the cafeteria, and they're talking about sports, or some of their other hobbies, one of them might ask you "what do you do in your free time?" That's when you hit them. Hard.

    Best of luck,

  7. Make sure they know you for you first! Then whip out your stuff :)
  8. First impressions are everything right? TeeDee is right, you don't want to be labeled. You should be feeling out the crowd in the beginning anyways. Who knows, there might have even been a ban on cards at that school due to gambling and that association with cards may be negative with teachers. But if everything pans out the first time you whip out your cards should be organic as always. Don't be "pick a card any card" to the random kid in the hall. Think of magic as salt. Great in small doses, awful when overloaded.
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    Yeah, you guys are right. Thanks very much for the replies! They helped a lot. I was getting ready to preform ACR to my class until I read this thread the morning of my first day. I still find it very hard to refrain from preforming at certain times. In many classes I was asked what are my favorite hobbies/interests ,and I wanted to preform so bad but I stopped myself. I ended up sharing my other hobbies like piano. I am already making friends and my classes are going well. So I understand I should get to know people first before I pull out my cards ,but when??? Should I introduce myself as a magician in a month, two months, or should I wait longer?
  10. I know how difficult it is NOT performing. I would say wait until you're comfortable in your new surroundings. It could be a month or two but just give people time to get to know you. Just wait you'll know when it's time....
  11. I will say not to pull out our cards right away. Get to know people first and talk to them. When you find some people you like just bring out a deck of cards and start dribbling the cards and they will probably ask what the cards are for. Show then a few tricks but dont act like you are God's gift to man kind. When you go out to eat do some tricks that involve everyday objects but dont make a big deal out of it.

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