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  1. Hello! Me again, I have this trick I think I should put on the market. I wanted to first check and see if people would like it.

    So the trick is you take a crushed and empty soda can. You wave your hand over the opening, this reseals it. Then you slowly shake the can side to side and the can visually starts to uncrush. After that you can open the can and poor out real soda!
  2. This trick has already been around for a while:

    However, I think I like your name for it better. :D
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  3. Well... I guess I'll keep trying. There is sure to be something I can come up with.
  4. That is the spirit! Come up with an idea and see if it already been done (honestly it is hard to be original these days) and once you have established it has not already been done then go for it! Just my advice though, try not to create an effect then release it immediately just cause... make sure you test it and make adjustments. Make sure you have proven it to work 100% of the time in different situations and make sure it is practical. The biggest mistake you can make is creating something just for the sake of creating it then releasing it and expecting people to pay for it when no real work has been put into it. Just my advice. :)
  5. Thank-you obrien magic! I will deffinatly take your advice. At the moment I have this other idea I'm working on.

    At the beginning you pull out a blank card, (Design on back but no face value), they can examine it and make sure that is only one card. then you have them select a card out of the deck. You take their card and light it on fire and burn it completely, then you take the blank card and "with the power of fire" light the blank card. After it's done burning they see that instead of turning into ashes the blank card is now the card they chose, maybe slightly burned.

    I don't know, sometimes I think it's a bit cheesy. Do you think it has any potential?
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  6. Sounds like a great trick. I would say it has potential.
  7. Okay, thank you!
  8. My advice would be to focus on performing first and then creating. If you go out and perform you start to develop an appreciation for the working magician, what works and what doesn't, and you also become more creative. As you put together sets and study more magic you'll start to get ideas of your own. Record all of these ideas down, work on them, tweak them, water them, feed them, and perform and perform and perform. After many years, take all of those effects and put them in a book.

    Just my 2 cents
  9. Okay, this is good advice; I will use it. Thank you all for helping me!
  10. The blank card effect sounds awesome!
    I agree with the others' suggestions of practicing in the real world first before releasing a trick. However, it sounds like you found the method for Recycle on your own, which is impressive.

    If you really feel attached to it, don't give up on it just yet. The uncrushed can is in my opinion (feel free to correct me) a very old and well-known trick. It's found in many beginner's magic books, and from where I'm from many magicians knew about it even before they knew what a faro was. Since the general method has been used in science classrooms for ages, there isn't a clear original creator either.

    Old methods like these are often released under close scrutiny and in-depth explanations of different handlings (Ex. Limitless by Peter Nardi, Muscle Pass by Jay Nobledaza) or altered to give an entire different feel (French Kiss by Wayne Houchin).
    Furthermore, science experiments like these are often included in the middle of much larger ideas (Soul Paper and Water and Ice by Rick Lax) to make the entire trick more inclusive and entertaining.

    Some ideas could be to have a coin, prediction or card inside the newly sealed bottle, to have it re-crushed by itself afterwards, or to not have to go near it to re-seal the top again!

    You should still go out and practice, tweak and refine it before considering releasing it, but definitely don't give up on releasing more tricks in the future.
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  11. Thank you so much Martin Eret! I am getting great advice from this forum. Another question I should ask is: where are the best places to perform? I to try to do it whenever I go out, especially places like malls and parks. But I always feel rude interrupting people from conversations, shopping, or sight seeing. I don't know if this has to do with my partial introvert self, or if every magician feels this way.

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