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  1. THe request is impossible. To change a card into another card requires the positioning of one card atop the other (or somewhere else) the moving of a card can only be accomplished by the moving of fingers, and to cover those movements of the fingers, you need, well - a cover. So there is no "no cover change".
  2. Hmm. Tell that to Daniel Madison.
  3. Well, CHange does involve shaking doesn't it? So obviously there's something to hide...;)
  4. Sorry guys if i wasn't too clear. But no cover i mean that the card is seemingly held still. So for Color, it doesnt look like you move the card, even though you did. So its held still from the spectator's perspective.
  5. Well, in the case, a properly done Erdnase fits the bill.
  6. so does the bob change. Kevin Ho is a genius, and his color change found in SMooth Operations is one of the cleanest, most beautiful changes ever. ;)
  7. d+ms change has shaking. ive been working on a impromptu version. that one by brian tudor where you flick it. duck change is rather isolated. a change using sympathetic ink.
    houdinis infinte colour change.shake change. a cardini can be done with one finger cover :)
  8. You could get alpha cards. They're a bit rubbish though.

  9. Hmm, just noticed this thread...

    Well, I mean, what do you consider cover? I would say the Erdnase/Houdini Change is a covered change (though I'm playing with a streamlined handling wherein the cover is VERY minimal), and the paintbrush change is obviously covered... But I would say it's the fact that their is a PHYSICAL cover there that is the main thing. The twirl change (AKA 'In lieu of the thru the fist change') is 'covered' by the shaking, the shapeshifter is covered by the snap, but their is no PHYSICAL cover.
    My change 'The Wave Change' is covered in much the same way as the twirl change, but I definitely consider it to be very VERY open.

  10. I find that the only problem is because of the fact that only the colour changes, not the actual pip. I wonder why though? Couldn't they make it so the colour seeps into the white board in order to create a different pip?
  11. Real magic

  12. By this definition, I think there several changes that fit your example, since you consider "cover" to be movement, and not a physical cover.
    • Rel change
    • Bertram change / TeBe change
    • The classic palm color change
    • Booster gold by Simon Black (which I hate him for inventing because I thought I had invented it before coming across it) (I guess this one does use a bit of movement, but it's minimal, and not detected)
    • BT change
    • Cardini change (the movement is of the hand and not of the card, so I guess this counts)
    • Any change that uses a palm really
    Etc etc
  13. Paint brush change need no cover and is very fasy
  14. Bertram Change, or the TeBe change,when
    done right can look really good. Others include c3, and Shapeshifter. Clip Shift is great as well.
    Classic Color Charge is probably the one you'd do most often though, as it's the least Angle sensitive.

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