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    Hey guys I just submitted a signature effect for the Wire. Unfortunately they didn't accept it and didn't give me much feedback either. I thought that I might post it here to see what you guys think. I'm not hurt that they didn't take it I was just wondering what you guys think. These are good questions to think about when you submit something anyways.


    Why didn't they take my effect?
    What kind of effects are they looking for?
    What Kind of changes could I make to make it acceptable?
    Would you like it if I posted the tutorial somewhere else?

    Just some thoughts :)

    I got the feed back I needed, thank you all!
  2. it lacks professionalism if you look at all the wire submissions so far they all look like they could have been produced by t11
  3. hey goatears,
    I like the effect a lot! unfortunately, I think the production value just isnt there. And maybe if you made it a little smoother that could help. Also, music counts too!

  4. Thanks Shin,
    I love your effects!
  5. I have noticed that. The wire is designed to where we, the little people, have a chance. However, the little guy sometimes can't pay for outrageously expensive editing software or video cameras. Have you seen the Flawless video?! Jesus Christ. The intro to that is amazing. I can't do that. I wish I could.
  6. You don't need an expensive camera in order to raise the quality of your video. Good lighting, a bit of colour correction and carefully chosen camera angles already make a big difference. The knowledge about these 3 things can be gained by simply watching movies and just paying attention to those details
    Do it, its fun :)
    Just change the colour to red and you're fine

  7. Ahh, what would we do without Video Copilot...
  8. original motion graphics I guess :p
  9. I can learnf ree tricks on youtube, but then I get youtube-quality as well. I won't PAY for youtube-quality.

    Make it worth our investment.
  10. i say look at a lot of trailers from theory11 or other companies and be inspired, and see how they advertise their products :) so your production value will be better :) hope that helped!
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    Thank you all for the feedback. I'll have to look in to those programs I'm curious to see what I get.

    As far as other magic tutorials, I thought I was about to par especially when I look at the VIDEO quality of mood and the Eiffel tower flourish on the wire. (The quality of those flourishes is great, I was just making a comment on the production value). I thought I was on the same level.

    I guess something you all can't see is my tutorial. That may have been less than they wanted as well. I'll work on that too. I really apreciate the feedback guys :) It helps a bit more than the note Theory11 sent me " Hey Josh, appreciate your submission and excited to see more of your work". In their defense they definatley have their plates full and it's just not tangible to give feedback to all 600 artist on the wire.

    Thank you all,
  12. Amen to that, haha
  13. I have to say that I'm rather disappointed with all this concentrating on the quality of the video submitted. Obviously there has to be a certain bar, but HD? Fancy editing? Hollywood style titles?, how about the quality of the trick? That's what I'm paying for. The problem of style over substance could legitimately be thrown at Theory 11, and I find it concerning that The Wire suffers the same way.

    I don't have the facilities to make an exceptional looking, Genesis style video, but I do have some ideas. I will be making videos of these ideas and submitting them to The Wire. If they get rejected because they're not considered good enough then that's fine and I'll take it on board. If they were to be rejected because the explanation or the trailer didn't have the required gloss on it, then frankly Theory 11 can shove The Wire up its fundament.

    For me, the point of it is to get some decent new magic out there and involve the users of the site. It appears that the only ones that can get involved are those with Sony Vegas or Final Cut. That's not involving everyone then is it? I have True Astonishments, and on some of the DVDs there's footage of Paul Harris doing tricks that are clearly taken from VHS tapes made in the 80's judging by Harris' attire. The quality isn't good, but some of the tricks are gold. Solid. Gold. If the arbiters of The Wire are so snobby they need everything in HD, or too moronic to look past the quality of the picture to the quality of the effect, then they should consider wrapping it up and just releasing those tricks as per usual on this site.
  14. Grimshaw,

    The opposite is true. We discussed this a bit in our podcast last night, and it's laid out in more detail on the guidelines page here. Production quality is just one of three criteria considered, and quite frankly, it's the least of the three. What matters most is originality and creative merit. The value of the video is in the content within it.

    That said, when you're expecting people to pay for your video, production quality does matter. People need to be able to see the effect clearly, and they need to be able to learn it well. It's not about style - it's about substance. Jason England is the last person on earth that would say a submission needs fancy editing or cool music to be approved - he'd think that assumption was hilarious. Do we expect to be able to see the effect clearly? Absolutely!

    We're looking for substance - originality and creativity are key. Quality matters in order to maintain the integrity of the platform (just like you know iTunes songs are going to be clear and crisp without question), but only up to a certain point. Function is essential. Form is important.
  15. Just wanted to let you all know I got the feedback I needed so I took my video off you tube for now :)

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