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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by scottbaird, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. While Nun None is not really a coin trick (it can be done with anything), it's most commonly performed with two coins.

    What I'm looking for are interesting patter ideas that lead up to the kicker ending of the nun in the hand.

    Anyone brave enough to share an interesting concept or new idea?

    Pickpocketing nuns has already been taken...


    PS: The point is to come up with something that makes sense and is creative, and doesn't just follow the basic: "I have two coins... if I take one out, how many does that leave" etc.
  2. What exactly is Nun None? If you give some details on the structure of the effect it would help a lot in thinking of a clever patter
  3. I have no idea what that effect entails, could you enlighten me?
  4. you show a coin in your hand, you place it into your hand.

    you ask, "how many coins in my hand?"

    they say "one"

    NOPE, NUN, as you revieal a tiny nun statue
  5. oooh ive seen that before i think it was scott that showed me was funny.

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