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Nursing Home:

Nov 10, 2007
Every thursday for the past 4 months or so I have been going to a nursing home and doing magic for the residents. They absolutely love me and so do the workers. I went in this thursday just like every thursday and did not magic for the residents. Well I while back in November I had told them I have been saving up to go to magic convention in Daytona beach, unfortunately I dod not save up enough money for it. This thursday as I was walking in 2 of the workers approached and asked to see a trick I did Finders keepers from Avenue by Dorian Rhodell. So when I finishd they asked me if they would not mind if they sponsored me to go to the Daytona Beach festival, I of course said they can sponsor me, and they are paying for every dime it costs for me to go. I am pretty glad about this because now I dont have to worry about saving up for 2 conventions this year. Yayy. I thought this was really awesome and nice of them to do such a thing.
So Donald...who do you have in the Superbowl? Possibly Arizona to cover the spread?? :p

Seriously though...congrats man! I'm a strong believer in karma, and what goes around, comes around. That's awesome man, and I wish you the best of luck.

Take care,
Nov 30, 2007
Out of curiosity do you charge at the nursing home, or perform for free? I was thinking of doing the same thing (as a volunteer job).

Deleted member 2755

Wow man. That's great. Between meeting Kenner and getting a nice trip to a festival and getting payed for it.... wow man. I'm envious. Congratulations dude.

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