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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aly Moursy, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. who here is in nyc i was thinkin of a gather up or sumthn :D
  2. Steven Henriquez here, as no one has apparently taken note of this post.
    I will be the first to say...
    Let the NYC meet ups begin. I know a few guys who do not regularly post here who would certainly be interested in this.
  3. that would be a cool thing to start I'm down for it.. set it up..
  4. I'd be interested in meeting up.
  5. I'm down. :)

  6. sure sounds fun make a date ill see what i can do :)

  7. I'm up for it on a Sunday.
  8. I'm good any day. Weekends preferred.

    Oh, I think there should be a small rule. Please be at least 15 years old. I don't want parents on this thing. I've heard of a few magic meetups recently that PARENTS were there. No thank you.:p

  9. You mean I can't bring my mommy??
    Ok, I guess I'll go, but no promises!;)
  10. not sure how down he would be, but wouldn't hurt to ask, but Tony Chang, friends with the people over at is in NY. He is the author of and has been doing his magic thing for ages now.

    Liquidsn on these forums.
  11. Danny, I've been trying to get you to come to NYC every time I call you.:mad:

    Anyway, let's discuss dates.

  12. I think we should all meet up at a magic shop.. Tannens?? Fantasma?? Rouge??
  13. I vote meet at a Mc. Donalds and jam for a while over a cheap lunch. Then hit up Tannens of Fantasma. ;)

  14. I'm down.

    Also would like to point out that I have thrown out two dates in the past to no avail.

    I just hope people will actually come.
  15. so when is this going down??
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    Hope you guys have fun, I would go but I hate meeting a bunch of people from the internet that I don't ever talk to.... Meh call me old fashioned.


    P.S. I am also going to a Paul McCartney concert on the 21st, ergo my spending cash is tied up.
  17. awesome guys lets do it on the weekend and then we go to tannens or sumthn aighhtt so how bout saturday??
  18. the only day i'm available is July 16th @ like 2 o'clock approx
  19. Hey you NYC magicians. Tarquin here. As you all know I am now a Professional Photographer and I am going to offer you dudes a little special. I will offer all NYC members here a free portrait. I have done many many portraits and I even did Renzo's Portrait that you first see when you go to his site. The one with him sitting in the chair looking at the ace
    If you want to see portraits I do then go to

    Otherwise email me at I will not have this offer long, just till Friday july 17 2009 so book a date now. You don't have to do the session between now and friday just book a date sometime July or the first 2 weeks of August. Hope to hear from ya


  20. Fantasma is an awesome place to meet and jam. I jammed there with a group of 6 of us all day. It was EPIC - David Roth working there helped with the EPIC-ness. ;)

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