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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aly Moursy, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. lol, me, Jake, and Daniel's parents were all at our jam. I'm 12 =). And I have a birthday so...HELL no am I going to this jam! :D
  2. cmon guys we need to make a date??!!

    LOL!!! This is great.
  4. Awkward.

    If I actually go to NYC and I see someone's parents with them,
    I'm out. :p

    Oh and Doug, it's because your just not cool enough. . . . .


    (3 smiles in 1 post - I'm awesome)
  5. I propose 4pm Father duffy square (Times Square) on thursday july 16th. After a jam session we can all head to Modern Magic NYC at 6. Steven Henriquez is the Producer of this show and I am performing closeup. This show happens to be our "Allstars" show- combining the best acts to perform. The show is 15 at the door and a one drink minimum (about 20). Also, we almost always go out after the show which ends at 8:20.
  6. were is modern magic??
  7. Modern Magic... plug plug lol.

    Its at the Broadway Comedy Club at 53rd (between 8th & 9th Ave).

    I could work out a discount for theory11 members if you guys do end up jamming and then going to the show this Thursday.

    So if this thread does end up meeting on Thursday, i will work out a discount for everyone who wants to see the magic show.

    More info about the show can be found here...

    But regardless if its thursday or anyday, lets actually have a meet up lol.
  8. 53rd btwn 8th and 9th so not far from times square. Also, Steven said he could do something for you guys as far as a discount. Not sure what it is but there should be something.

    EDIT: didnt seem steven's post but enough said
  9. sounds good to me..
  10. As I said before, Sundays are really the only days for me. Every other day of the week I work...

  11. Hey thanks you guys for all your interest. My free magician photos are all booked up now so remember to stop by my webpage to see the magicians photos in August. Thanks for all your interest.

    The always amazing Tarquin

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