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  1. Hello dear magicians,

    I have a problem. My friend regulary visits a lady who is said to make a divination from a broken egg. Different objects apper in the egg - little stones, pebbles, even small voodoo doll.

    The procedure is:

    He brings his own egg from home, the lady brakes it on the table and the object appears to be in the egg.

    Can you pleas help me how can I learn this trick to show him he is being scamed and save my friend from wasting money on "fortune teller"!

    Thank you:)
  2. I know that explaining the method of a magic trick in the forums is against its rules, but I really would like to help @Magicrookie to convince his friend not to waste his money in this way. Obviously, it’s the modulators’ choice, so I totally apologize if this reply will be unadapted to this forum. Basically, you make the spectator sign the coin with a random letter or his initials and vanish it. Then you make him choose an egg from an egg cardboard and make him examine it if you want. After that you place the egg directly on the palmed coin, without showing it. At this point you beat it on the edge of a glass and drop the internal part of the egg in it, while dropping the coin at the same time.
    This is a really rude and basic handling. Of course, if you want to reproduce exactly the seer’s handling, you just have to make the coin appear like explained above after showing your hands to be empty in a non-explicit way, but just by making it seem to be empty without focusing the spectator’s attention on that.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Researching in Edwin Sach's book "Sleight of Hand" and I found something on page 334 (of the Dover edition) that you might want to look up and/or show your friend:
    "To Pass a Borrowed Ring Inside an Egg".

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