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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by copperfield 14, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Okay, everyone is misunderstanding this thing, we (because I know im not the only one), are doing this becuse the only thing that we are asking it's a little more humility...

    Take a look a MLB posts, he comes around saying "my sutff is full of awesome", a fellow member from here demanded some respect from here for decnique (and I mean an experienced guy) and the only answer from MLB was "I smell a battle between me and that guy"...

    Anyway, I know that I sound like a prick, but I repeat the only thing that I want to see its a little more humilty by his part, and believe me, im not the only one that it's tired of that kind of thing.

  2. I would like to be involved in a team if possible, and if anyone is desperate!

    I dont do a 'heap' of flourishing, but have a bit to show!

    Can also do all of the editing. Let me know if anyone is interested!
  3. Ill go with you Matt, Im not the best cardist but Im aight, i think....

  4. Meh, I'm still new to flourishing ( About 2 - 3 months ) so I wont be joining, good luck to everyone though.
  5. BTW, I was wondering, what happened with fiddling steve? I just saw some of his videos and he is awesome(haha) if garry it's looking for a caucasian guy to join, fiddling steve its a good choice, it would be great if he participated....

    Anyway, im curios, can somebody make a little list of wich people are going to participate? if a little list it's created with the people that are going to participate I think it would be easier for other members to know wich guys are available.
  6. I definately want to take part. I wouldn't say I'm an incredible flourisher but, without trying to be cocky, I don't think I'm to bad.
    Although I'm stuck with WMM for editing, so... Yeah.
  7. I am totaly up for trying to make a team. I am probably just under andvanced but over intermediate. I have the Vegas Video Editting system as well.

    (sorry about the spelling)

  8. I could do some editing if there's anyone who's interested - Hook me up with a pm or sumthin' and I'll see whether or not I have the time to whip out!


    PS: You can check my youtube/vimeo profiles for some videos, there's also one I made for RamoD.

  9. Steve will not be going with Garry.
  10. I'm caucasian...? :D
  11. Still free to edit! Send me a PM! :D
  12. hey

    i been doing card flourishes for 12 years i've done videos with dan&dave i have a new tv studio here in orlando f.l where dan&dave would be shooting for the next coming up video. so i really would like to be part of the team. if i could
  13. omars I would love to team up with you.
  14. You don't have to know the people in real life to compete, do you?
  15. This is "real life" :p
    You dont have to know someone personaly if thats what you mean. ;)
  16. Tricky Devil CCC09 Team

    Hey flourisher out there. I'm a good editor and flourisher, join my force and together we can win this contest. Time is running out, join me and fight this battle.
  17. I'm IN :D

    I will add you on AIM.


  18. I'm in i just don't have AIM.

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