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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by copperfield 14, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. then make one.........
  2. Drop me a PM if you wanna partner-up, I'm in for this contest.

    If you wanna see me flourish, check out my 'Hysteria' video in the media section. That's all I can suggest really.

    -Sam H
  3. I'd love to join a team with somebody for the CCC. It'd be fun.
    My IM is
    My youtube channel is
  4. Can I join? I'm ok at flourishing, but editing isn't my stuff. XD
  5. Hey guys I am looking for an advanced flourisher who has original stuff. My brother is very good at editing, and is willing to edit the video.

    I only shoot videos outside, so keep that in mind.
  6. holy crap.
  7. I still haven't found a team.
    My skype is : stluiz1
  8. We're having some good competition :D
  9. Luiz is very lightly . Not recommend !!!:mad:
    Your risk is !!! Not work with him ...
  10. AHHHH!!!!

    Wow, one of the biggest challenges to face is this team that we're up against.

    Garry, Tam, and Viet formed a team!:eek:

    That's some tough competition!
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    They're not the only tough competition.

    These teams are also dangerous
    -Kram and frankiseace
    -ryoma, nebelfuchs and shoeman
    -david blanch and stein
    -...Bao and Kate :p

    I'm expecting big stuff from them :cool:

    EDIT: Nooooooooo it can't be. Andrei, Daren and Creeper. >.<
  12. Hmm... you forgot Mattgic and Maxim, I bet they're going to submit a video this year too!!!:eek:

    You also forgot
    -MLB, Itwasluck, and Zeedub!:p

  13. WHAT?!!! Can't see it on the page, you pulling my leg?
  14. LoL there just playing a joke. I remember last year it was Andrei, Philip, and Daren:eek:. Of course that was just a joke. Also Alot of teams last year didn't make any vids even though they put there name in the sign up, so don't get too worried.
  15. BTW do you have a team or a partner already? I'm desperately needing one.
  16. Ya mang i wansta see jamal and rxillusionist, teamin it up, ccc09, do it kids, show off your mad skillzzzz, gross of stingers up for grabs, go for it, go get it, ya, lets see this, go for it, lets see this.
  17. Are you asking me out?:cool:
  18. No, but you can still use my sister

    Do you have any vids? Looked into your Youtube, but not much there XD
  19. I don't really plan on entering. Scary competition:eek:.

    Oh and I think that Garry's team should be disqualified. Te rules were that Asians count as two people, but Garry's team has 3 Asians including himself. That's 6 people:eek:
  20. XD Speak of the devil, the team is not on the list anymore :eek:

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