Old move that we do not use!


Oct 25, 2008
Bucharest, Romania
Many people still use the classic pass.. or the SWE Shift. I think it's old too. And there are many others but it's late and I can't think of them right now.
May 13, 2008
St Albans, UK
We all use sleights created decades ago and maybe re-invigorated by other magicians. Most of the stuff we know is from RRTCM or ECT.
From memory, I believe it's a variation on the Elmsley count. Feel free to correct me on that one, it's very possible that I'm wrong.
You're right, its a variation that allows you to do the Elmsley from a biddle grip rather than a pinch grip.

Not to be confused with the Veeser Concept, which is the concept of adding/stealing cards in the action of counting ( which almost always means stealing by biddle steal, and adding)

May 8, 2008
Cumbria, UK
I have been known on occasion to use the Erdnase Four Card Switch, which I love. Very much. I don't do too many four of a kind tricks any more though, so I have no use for it currently. But how about the palm? That's an old move people still use regularly to devastating effect.

Edit: Oh, and the top change.
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